Yoga SEO

Do You Need Yoga SEO?

If you haven’t already noticed, the yoga industry has established a strong presence in the wellness industry. In fact, just last year, yoga and other related keywords were on the top of web search results. Over the years, the number of yoga practitioners has skyrocketed and this trend continues to increase, making a serious shift towards yoga, personal well-being, and meditation.

Yoga SEO is a Growing Industry

As predicted by global statistics, the number of yoga practitioners is expected to rise to an astounding 55 million people by 2020 in the United States alone. And as shown in a 2017 study, over 100 million out of the 200 million practitioners came from India as it is the birthplace of yoga. As a result, the demand for yoga instructors, yoga therapy and yoga private lessons has risen as an indication of the healthy forecast of the yoga industry in 2019.

The healthcare industry plays a huge role in the increase of interest in yoga. That is because yoga has been more and more commonly used as therapy, whether for physical or mental ailments.

Why do Yoga studios need SEO?

Ten years ago, if someone told you that yoga would be a hot trend in the future, you’d think that the person was mad. However today, yoga and wellness have become integral parts of the daily lives of many people. The first thing that they want to do is to condition their body and mind for whatever things they have in store for that day.

The good thing about yoga is that it helps you stay fit and fresh even on hectic days at work or school. But how can you encourage people to go to your yoga studio for their wellness? Bob’s SEO can help you bring more traffic to your business with a good website and high local SEO ranking. Growing your online presence is just as essential as nurturing your physical presence. Below are the ways a good website and high SEO rankings can greatly benefit your yoga studio.

Set your studio apart from others – Dressing up can make a good impression on the people who sees you. Likewise, your website has to be pleasant-looking and thus, has to be dressed properly with images, graphics, videos, blogs, and many other elements. Doing so will put your website on the limelight and give you a competitive edge. Remember that your yoga studio has to have lots of attractive media to get the attention of potential customers.

Bring in more traffic – According to surveys, 80% of the internet users select among the top five websites listed through Google rankings. By investing in Bob’s SEO services, not only can you rank your website, but you can also drive more traffic and qualified leads to it. No matter how outstanding your yoga classes are, there’s no point when no one can even find your site in top listings. Think about this–what’s the use of a yoga studio or any business for that matter if it isn’t even known among locals? Local customers trust online reviews and feedback. That is why your local listing is crucial for your yoga business and your website in driving more traffic.

Boost visibility – We live in a modern era where the internet is rapidly becoming the king. It has millions of users and these users like gathering information using websites shown by search engines. As such, having a good online presence grants you countless benefits.

What time does your yoga therapy start on weekdays? – Which building or floor is your studio located?

How can your services benefit people? A website is how potential customers are going to find you. Before picking an item or a service they’re thinking of buying, they go to your website and take a look at basic information first. And where all this information goes and how it is being consumed by them will surely contribute their decision on whether to choose your yoga class or not.

Enhances social media influence – Most people today, regardless of age, are now on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many other social media platforms. When social media is used properly, a good number of followers, daily engagements and many other factors will go to your website and choose your yoga business. Your business website should visibly display all your social media links on your homepage. This makes it easier for them to fin your yoga studio social profile on various channels.

To sum it all, the right blend of a good website and good local SEO strategy will bring more traffic to your yoga studio’s website and increase your local rankings. All those and more are done so people will choose your studio over others and you can get ahead of your competition.

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