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What is SEO?

As a website owner SEO may be something, you are already vaguely familiar with. You probably have heard the term once or twice and are 100% certain it is invaluable to your business, but are about 50% sure of what it is. The purpose of this post is to inform you in the most basic terms what SEO is and what it can do for your business.

SEO means different things to different companies

The general term SEO means Search Engine Optimization, and most believe it to be just the basics of keyword placements within articles, image tagging, and videos. But in reality, SEO can look very different depending on what your objective is. For example, a company might want to generate traffic to their website with SEO. This means their strategy for SEO would be strikingly different than someone attempting to make a sale based off of their truck. In other words, if you are trying to sell beauty products to women in a particular age group, you wouldn’t use just any old keyword that fell in that category. You would instead use targeted keywords to get the right traffic to make a sale.

Additionally, if a business is trying to generate leads off a website, but the text is confusing, and it is challenging to navigate, it doesn’t matter how much traffic it receives. SEO is the steering wheel that directs traffic to the main event, but if the main event is a freak show, potential customers will fall to the wayside. What does SEO entail? It certainly involves more than a few cleverly chosen keywords.

The Purpose of SEO

SEO helps search engines direct traffic to the right locations. For every keyword used, there is a website that matches it with valuable content. If your content is on point, but if it isn’t optimized to be found by search engines, it is pointless. When you hire a company like us, you are hiring a company to fully integrate your website with the best SEO techniques in existence. We will make sure your content is relevant, and the proper keywords, tags, and headings are all being utilized for you to be found high up in the search results.

As you can see, SEO may seem complicated, but in the right hands, it has the power to turn your 10th page Google ranking into the first-page presence in record time. Trust the pros, and be confident in the ability of search engine optimization and what it can do for your business.


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