Search Engine Optimization

Have you heard a handful of things about search engine optimization, or SEO in short? As a
local business owner, do you think SEO matters to you, or will you be just fine without it?
Nowadays, SEO has been deemed very useful to many business owners especially those who
have created a website, blog, or online store for their business. Most experts would even go as far
as saying that SEO can either make or break your business online. In fact, SEO is considered the
holy grail of digital marketing

Basic Facts of SEO

However, before diving deeper into the importance of Search Engine Optimization to your local
business, the very first thing we should do is to learn what SEO really means. I’m sure you’ve
read your fair share of meanings of search engine optimization, but on the off chance that you
haven’t, well, lucky for you cause you’ve found yourself on the right page with this article.
Search engine optimization is basically the process of optimizing your website by boosting your
rank in order for your site to appear frequently in search results. This entails several strategies,
techniques, or actions that will lead you to the end goal of every SEO, to increase your website’s
position in search engines, hence, the name, search engine optimization. If you could achieve the
right SEO techniques, then that will definitely increase your chance of being on the first page of
any search engines.

Two Components of SEO

Search Engine Optimization is divided into two parts; the on-page and off-page SEO.
Although both are essential in attaining the right SEO campaign for your business, each of them
serves a different function when it comes to improving your rank in search engine results.
When we say on-page SEO, this pertains to the content of the page, its HTML source code,
keyword presence, header text, and so on, which, by the way, are the keys for optimization.

These are the parts of your website and the things that you can control or change that will affect
your search engine rankings. As our world constantly changes and as our technology keeps on
advancing, the same thing also goes for big search engines. One crucial thing you should know
in the SEO optimization world is that relevance is one of the important factors that will greatly
affect your on-page optimization. In developing your page, you have to think about its relevance
to the query and by doing that, you will be a step closer to your rank goal.

Off-page SEO, on the other hand, refers to all other things done or activities taken outside your
website in order to improve your position in search engine results pages (SERPs). Simply put,
these are the off-site ranking factors on the Internet such as links, blogs, social media accounts,
people, etc. that are linking to or promoting your website. So to sum it up, on-page is what your
site is all about while off-page is how authoritative and how popular your site is.

But is the former far more important than the latter or vice-versa? Or better yet, does each
category as equally crucial as the other? It is never a matter of choosing between on-page and
off-page SEO because why would you when you can simply combine both techniques, right?

Your on-page and off-page SEO are flexible enough to work together to boost your rank. You
just need to first gear up your on-page SEO before you put your main focus on the off-page SEO.
It takes more than a simple optimization to get your rank on the move but if you combine all
aspects of inside and outside the webpage, then it’ll surely help your case. Another thing is that
you should also put yourself in the shoes of a site visitor. Ask yourself how can you attract their
attention and keep them on your site longer. Rack up your brain on ways to create interaction
with your site visitors. Lastly, do not forget to build a good reputation outside your site. For
example, if you are selling gaming furniture, it will do you good if your products will appear on
popular review and discussion sites. By taking into account these strategies, you will be amazed
by how it can help you gain traffic and improve your performance in search results.

6 Reasons Why SEO Is Important To Your Local Business

So after reading the basic grounds of search engine optimization, have you given a thought as to
how SEO plays a big role in your local business? If you’re still unsure of its positive impacts,
then you may as well read the reason why SEO is essential to the success of your business.
Whether you are new in the industry, fairly familiar or a veteran, struggling or successful, small
or large, it doesn’t matter because all is fair when it comes to SEO.

1. It serves as a good social promotion of your business.

Putting up a website for your business is one thing, but using SEO as your digital marketing tool
is another thing. Through SEO, chances are people are more likely to find your website by
searching in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Coupled with great website
content and good reviews, your website can be promoted on social media channels such as
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

2. It is within your control.

Being a business owner, we have come to know that there are a lot of things you just cannot
control no matter how you want to. However, SEO is an exception to this because with SEO you
can manage your rankings by taking things on your own hand.

3. It can be your competitive edge against other businesses.

A well-thought and effective SEO can put you at an advantage. If your website is SEO optimized
and your competitor is not, then this could place you ahead of the competition because you are
more likely to have more customers and make more sales.

4. It gives you a strong Return on Investment (ROI).

Search engines are developing as our technology progresses and so as the case with SEO.
Therefore, if you invest in a search engine optimization of your website and it yields positive
results, then your investment will absolutely pay off. Unlike other marketing strategies, SEO will
not cost you much. With a regular improvement or just by simply maintaining your SEO
campaign, it will definitely help your business grow and flourish. SEO, when done properly, can
bring you potential customers that are in need of your business-related services and products.

5. It helps build your reputation by creating business visibility and branding.

Just by ranking higher in the search results among your other competitors in the same industry is
already saying something. How much more do you think you can benefit if you ranked as first,
right? Consumers are more likely to pick your business if your business is on the top list because
they know that you have somehow earned that spot by being reputable in the industry you belong

6. It provides your business credibility.

Most searchers if not all take rankings of their search results at heart. Some may be
unconsciously doing it, but essentially, they based their choice by picking from the first page that
their search engine displays. I mean, who would want to pick on the fifth page when there are
more relevant results on the first, right? Some customers may not have noticed this kind of
mindset but high search rankings make your business more credible in their eyes.

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