What Is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

Admit it, whenever we search SEM on Google, it doesn’t garner as many results as the SEO. Search engine marketing is an online marketing tool, second only to search engine optimization. Maybe some of us do not even know what SEM is until you came across my article, huh? But there’s no shame in that, really, because somehow SEM has always come second to Bobs SEO.

However, this time, let us give SEM the due credit it very much deserves. Let’s tackle a bit more about what search engine marketing really is rather than the other prominent marketing tool. Optimizing your website may seem easy, but it’s actually not, and it certainly won’t take just a night to do this. In fact, you could spend months and months of optimizing your page before you can see the results you’ve wanted.

Just the mere thought of months of the optimization process is not a pleasant one, right? Right here is where the SEM comes sweeping in to save the day. If you have some money to spare, then you can quickly increase your ranking in big search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing, through SEM.

Search engine marketing is an alternative to SEO, a rather attractive alternative that will almost immediately land you on the first page in exchange for some money. Another way of understanding SEM is to think about sponsored links that are shown in the organic results. Those links are paid advertisements and concrete examples of search engine marketing. The mechanics behind these spaces can be tricky to understand depending on the search engine.

Google, however, designed its system of purchase to work like an auction. When purchasing a space, if you can pay more than what others are willing to pay, then you will get the space for the first place while the others will have the next available places. Also, keywords are considered vital in buying spaces because you buy one that is related to your business. In the case of Google, the use of Google Ad words plays a vital role. Perhaps, one of the best things about SEM among SEO and SMM is that, in just a matter of days, you can get to the top of the results, albeit in a heft of money.


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