Ways To Use Facebook Ad To Sell Your E-Commerce Products Overnight

In building your e-commerce brand, two of the integral elements you should never miss out on are
Las Vegas SEO services and social media. It is a great tool in helping you get the word out about your e-commerce business so you can reach more audiences and promote your products.

No matter how brilliant your products are, it won’t matter much if your Ad content is all kinds of wrong or if your targeting
metrics are off because you’ll have difficulty in earning new sales form Facebook. And so, we
have here some key tips that will help improve your Facebook Ad efforts and generate you more

Set up the Facebook pixel tool on your website

There’s no guarantee that every user who goes to your site after clicking on your Facebook ad
will buy from you. According to research, the average conversion rate of an e-commerce store is
as low as 2.85%. This is mainly because buyers have to be exposed to your products several
times before they make a purchase. Facebook pixel is created to solve this exact problem. This
tool is a piece of code that can be seamlessly integrated with your website.

The code is triggered when a user takes a certain action after viewing your Facebook ad. As a
result, it allows you to scale the effectiveness of your ads by gaining insights into the behavior of
your customers. Moreover, it gives you the opportunity to make use of these actions to create
custom audiences so you can produce a more targeted ad content in the future.

Inject a sense of urgency into your copy

Writing a compelling copy makes a huge difference in the success of your Facebook ads—this is
no secret to most (if not all) people. But in order to truly drive potential customers to make a
purchase, it is important to use powerful words that invoke a sense of urgency. Phrases like
‘today only,’ ‘offer expires,’ or ‘(x) stocks left’ indicate that your offer won’t be around for long.
That said, you don’t have to limit the use of these phrases and the like only during times when
you have special sales or promotions. Other phrases like ‘buy now’ or ‘don’t miss out’ is enough
to establish urgency with your copy.

Leverage the power of the marketplace

Every Facebook user has at some point, most likely felt the intrusive tendencies of Facebook,
especially on times when you just want to see and read posts from your friends. That said, there
are lots of Facebook users who seek out this platform in order to find products on the Facebook
marketplace. Even though many people take advantage of this channel to sell unwanted products
in the form of a virtual garage sale, businesses can also make use of the Marketplace listings to
great effect.

According to a case study, a brand found brilliant success from doing this. Thanks to the mobile-
friendly placements that feature pricing, product descriptions, and ‘Shop Now’ links, the brand
was able to generate hundreds of sales all the while boosting their overall return on ad spend by
40%. Needless to say, placing your ads on the areas where Facebook users are showing interest
in buying something can significantly boost your campaign’s efficiency.

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