Ways To Improve Local SEO

Many marketers and business owners have testified how local SEO has not been an easy feat to
take. Well, it is not really because of their lack of effort, but more of their lack of knowledge on
where to put their efforts. On that note, this article will be discussing some tips to help you
improve your local SEO. Also, it’s worth mentioning the fact that having a physical location can
be your greatest advantage while you are implementing your local SEO practices.

What is local SEO?

Have you ever noticed in your search results pages that there is a top listing of companies or
businesses together with a Google map—in the case of the Google search engine—and a five-star
ranking at that? If you have, then you’ve witnessed what I am referring to as the local SEO.
While you may not be in the top positions of search results that are seen all over the world for
certain keywords, showing up as one of the top-ranking sites in your local place will still give
your business a competitive edge, most especially if you’re targeting to be the number one in
your locality. Below are some ways that will provide a solid foundation for your local SEO.

  1. Be a member of Google My Business
    If you want to take over the local results in Google rankings, then you must consider submitting
    your business to be part of Google My Business. Once you have been approved, your Google My
    The business page will contain your business’ basic information including working hours, contact
    number, your address shown on Google map, and search results. In addition, you can also put
    pictures and other media content in your business profile so that people can get to know your
    business better.
  2. Next is to enter your top local directories
    Getting your business a Google My Business page is only a start because your next step would
    be to submit your business to another entry, which is the top local directories. You must know
    that directory services can be acquired for free as well as premium. If you choose free directory
    services, then expect a waiting phase meaning you have to wait some time until your directory
    submission gets moderated and then approved by service moderators. As for the premium service,
    there will be a submission fee for your entry.
  3. Pay close attention to customer reviews
    More often than not, services that accept local business entry submissions are accompanied by
    an option for your customers and viewers that will allow them to write reviews about your
    business. While reviews matter, it is important to know that a large volume of reviews won’t get
    your ranking rise up in your local listing. Instead, Google algorithms will weigh in your positive
    and negative reviews meaning if you have 15 positive reviews and 2 negative ones, then you will
    be ranked higher over a competitor who has 20 positive reviews and 6 negative reviews. Hence,
    you have to ensure that you are offering quality products and excellent customer service to your
    customers. Lastly, train your customer support specialist to handle customer reviews in a
    professional manner.
  4. On-site optimization also plays a huge role
    Once you have accomplished the first three steps, now, the last—but certainly not the
    least—thing to do is to optimize your website in such a way that you can attract valuable local
    traffic. Some of the important key players in on-site optimization are keywords, title tags, and
    website structure, so work on improving those along with the other components.

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