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Let’s take a break from websites, web pages, and article SEO, shall we? Enough about them for now and let’s talk about video SEO this time. Together with the rise of social media, video SEO is slowly making a name in consumer importance and acceptance. Several businesses are already deep into various marketing strategies and brand promotions through different social media platforms.

The kind of business websites that we see today is on a whole different level than when they first came out on the internet. Gone are those typical brochure-looking sites. In their place are now oozing with sleekness and contemporary. The modern web pages are now filled with comment sections, blog posts, discussion forums, and even video sections. Among the many SEO trends, one of those that are gaining quite attention is how to rank your video on Google. Luckily, some of the population of internet marketers are clever enough to realize the importance of video SEO. YouTube, for one, is the major proof of how site videos gave birth to many success stories concerning the marketing circles on the internet.

Perhaps the foremost reason why videos are becoming a trend today is that it has become a satisfactory way of teaching, entertaining, and even selling to consumers. Google, one of the most influential search engines came to see videos in a new light. Although ranking your videos are much easier than ranking your website by simply purchasing YouTube social signals, videos still need to be optimized in some ways before you can see your desired results. Below are some of the tips to help your video be on Google’s top results page.

Quality Content is Crucial

SEO, in general, considers quality content as one of its major determining factors in ranking a website. The same case goes with your videos. It should contain top-quality content and avoid putting misleading information. Make sure you can make it entertaining and informative at the same time to any audience.

Good Keyword Placement

In the same way, that Google considers keyword-rich websites as having a better chance of ranking high, the same situation applies to your videos. Your title must be filled with good keywords. Also, I advise you to place your targeted keywords or phrase at the start of your text in order to increase your site’s visibility, however, not at the expense of the meaning of your title. Remember that your title must contain the main keyword or its synonyms.

Keywords Relevant to the Video

Choose keywords that can be easily associated with other related keywords. Put a caption to your videos and do it by placing relevant keywords. Moreover, make sure that when you submit a video sitemap you have double-checked your keyword tags and description. In composing your description, incorporate your keywords because this will complement your strategy of mentioning keywords in the title tag. Lastly, you can post your videos on your website so that your visitors will have an idea what is it about by reading through your site.

Tags are important, too

Although tags may seem insignificant at first glance, they are actually very helpful in making Google understand what your video is about. Include YouTube tags and related keywords if you want to see better results. Nevertheless, keep an eye on your tag count and don’t go overboard.


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