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Video Marketing Tips For Your Small Business

Among all types of content, video is the most engaging form we have on the web. What’s even more good is that the opportunity of leveraging videos are is no longer limited to just big companies. Instead, small businesses can now use video marketing to reach out to their audience without much difficulty and almost at the same level as larger organizations.

The attention span of a person is relatively short, especially in this digital era. People are faced with content every day and they do not have all the time in the world and the sky limit patience to read a long article. This is why videos have become very important in every business today because not only they are simpler and faster to consume, but they are also fun to watch, which is why many people love them.

Fortunately, small business owners are now more than capable of producing high-quality and entertaining marketing videos that only large companies used to before thanks to the never-ending surge of new tools and technology. And so, here are four amazing tips to help you market your videos better for your small business.

Repurpose blog posts into videos

Do you feel like you don’t have enough time much less effort to think of new video marketing concepts? If that is the case, then don’t worry because video generation can be done without needing to start from square one. To do that, you will need your most popular blog posts. Use those and turn them into videos to reach new audiences. This method will recycle your content—content that you know has done well before. Moreover, chances are that users who have connected to you through your blog posts can now again be pulled back in using another content type, video.

Put a video on your landing page

We have known the fact that videos are a great booster of traffic and user engagement. However, did you also know that videos could boost your bottom line as well? As a matter of fact, having a video on your landing page increases your conversions by an enormous 80%. Using videos on your landing page can enhance the experience of your users and help them understand your message clearly with very little effort on their part. In addition, videos can also increase the duration time of visitors to your page.

Use live video

Live videos are an excellent way to connect better with your audience by speaking to them directly. While it is not the same on the physical level of communication, however, live videos are the closest thing to direct communication with customers. Anytime and anywhere you want, connecting with your customers can now be possible with just a few finger taps or mouse clicks. Popular social networks that offer live streaming are Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, which we all know are big on boosting user engagement.

Provide video tutorials

If teaching your customers is an integral part of your business, then it is only best to give them video tutorials on how to use your products. For example, if your small business supplies bead crafts and jewelry accessories, then you can provide them with a video tutorial on how to do some of your popular jewelry pieces. If you have written tutorials on your website, then the better because you can use that as the basis for your video content. Alternatively, if your business focuses on developing software, you can record a demo of your software to show the users how to use it.


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