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Tools To Boost The Growth Of Your Small Business

Nowadays, it seems like there’s a tool for nearly all tasks in an e-commerce marketer’s day-to-day work. As a matter of fact, there are technically thousands of marketing tools available right now. Out of those many thousands, surely, you’ll find some tools that will truly work for you. Let’s take a look at the three uncommon tools highly recommended by Bobs SEO Las Vegas for small brands to use in growing their e-commerce businesses.


Yotpo offers first-class solutions for user-generated content marketing, loyalty programs, and referrals so that your brand can grow at a faster pace by enabling advocacy and capitalizing on customer lifetime value. This tool allows brands like yours to take advantage of social proof in boosting customer trust and sales, nurturing loyal customer advocates, and making informed and smart business decisions based on customer feedback.

Yotpo is best suited for small marketing teams because it allows small businesses such as yours to showcase customer reviews, leverage the great influence of peer-to-peer recommendations, and build loyalty and reward programs to retain and gain customers.


Airtable comes in two forms, a mobile app or a desktop app. This organizing tool allows you to easily edit, comment, and collaborate in real-time coupled with an automatic synchronization for your changes across multiple devices. Airtable allows for efficiency and accountability of an assembly line even with businesses that have intricate organization processes like that of a beehive.

Through this tool, you can set up multiple bases—these are a group of related tables that often reflect a certain project or process that you collaborate with your team—so that you can organize and monitor each aspect of your small business’s operation. To put it simply, Airtable is ideal for small marketing teams since it is flexible. Things like personal views, the bases, and tagging systems can all be modified according to your team’s workflow.


FullStory is a digital intelligence platform that gathers customer data and allows its users to easily solve problems, find answers and optimize their customer’s experience. This tool has more potential beyond the total number of its clicks as it has the ability to relay your customer’s journey, acting as a DVR for your site.

This way, you can search, see, and understand your customer experience. Marketers from small businesses benefit two major things from FullStory. For starters, it lets you visualize your site data and conversion channel with its ability to surface the most valuable data. Other things you can see with this tool include the heatmaps of your site activity, web pages that need some fine-tuning or repairs, and the places your visitors have come from.

Lastly, FullStory can read the minds of your customers. Not in the literal sense, but close enough. FullStory allows you to read your customers’ minds and dig deeper into their hearts to know where you may be at fault. In doing so, you can then improve your ways and provide a better brand experience to your customers.


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