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Tips To Boost Your E-Commerce Brand’s Competitiveness

Focusing on customer experience (CX) is one great way to ensure that your e-commerce
business can remain competitive amidst the strong competitors around you. In fact, 76% of
consumers view CX as a clear signal of how much your business values them. Moreover,
enhancing CX can boost the profitability rate at 5.1 times compared to those brands that do not.
So if your brand is not yet investing in the solid online experience, chances are, you’d be losing
money, or perhaps, you’re already are. As if that’s not enough, you could be giving potential
customers a reason to go to your competitors instead. As customer expectations continue to
transform, your CX also has to advance alongside those transformations. Below are some CX
changes you can make.

Search Engine Optimization

Organic search engine optimization can increase brand awareness and bring more free search
traffic to your eCommerce shop.

Prioritize quality content and brand messaging

Studies revealed that e-commerce brands that have quality content have 21% lower bounce rates
than those that have low-quality content. By content, this includes your website copy, product
descriptions, social media content, blog posts, and any visual content like your demonstration
videos. In order to step up your CX game and improve customer sentiment regarding your e-
commerce business, you have to concentrate on crafting content with high values that accurately
resonates with your brand messaging.

Enhance your personalization efforts

Many brands today are now looking into personalization to foster customer experience. After all,
customers are glad to reward businesses that show they can cater to their needs and quickly
dismisses those who do not. This is mainly because several customers now have come to
understand the way companies use their data. In other words, it is in their minds that you have
gathered information about their purchase history, preferences, and demographics. As a result,
they are expecting you to maximize the use of such data in ways that will surely benefit them.

Build a rationalized mobile shopping experience

A few years ago, it used to be that even the most productive mobile users browse for online
products on their mobile phones and complete their shopping process on their desktops and
laptops. Consequently, brands before then do not have to worry much about streamlining their
mobile checkout processes. However, today, this trend can no longer hold value because
customers nowadays are looking for sites that allow them to easily start the shopping process on
mobile and complete it there. As an e-commerce brand of today’s era, improving your site’s
mobile checkout process is a great way to boost conversions.

Make it easy to access information from your site

There are times when customers encounter vexing roadblocks in achieving their goals. One of
the most common forms of this problem is the failure of customers to find the information they
need. If this continues, customers are likely to get frustrated and shop elsewhere instead. So to
avoid this from happening to your e-commerce brand, you can do a couple of things such as using live support services or chatbots, creating a FAQ section on your site, and making it easy for
customers to locate your contact details.


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