Technical SEO Health Check

Why Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is mostly ignored to make the process more easy or difficult to manage. You need to have sites that crawl easily as you will want to stay in the top Google searches. It’s not possible to know everything in the technical details of SEO audits. This book covers six principles of technical SEO that you want to focus on to improve your website performance. Once you covered those six bases you can proceed with a more technically advanced SEO strategy. But you have to make sure your site is crawlable so you can get all those good results.

What is technical SEO?

Technical Google search engine optimization assists in the ranking of your content without errors. Use our Web Design SEO checklist. Using this checklist you can learn good techniques to implement to run any technical audit of your website. You won’t be faced with more problems until you fix the issue again. Use the list to help you get the most search engines results. It lists best practices for technical SEO. See also technical SEO below.

Technical SEO: The Definitive Guide

It’s a full guide to technical SEO. The latest and most updated guide to web development focuses on introducing: technical SEO. Also if you want to make sure that your tech SEO skills are well up to speed you should take some value from them.

Duplicate content review

Google does not like multiple copies of the same information. Duplication from other sources is an internet safety concern. Google has difficulty understanding which pages should be placed on top of Google results. If you want to duplicate data shown as being here it is worthwhile running a crawl using Screaming Frog. You could now sort by Page Title to see if you have duplicate pages on my site. Doing duplicate content in Google is not a penalty a copyist could get. It is however advisable to keep your blog from receiving the same service. The competitor’s website will likely use another competitor. To find out more please click on the following link.

Make sure your site is crawlable

This file contains rules to identify the parts which will be blocked and whether it’s good for slew. This file is a first-stop for software crawling on a website. The software achieves this by “allowing” some agents to behave. By indicating where you won’t be able to see these users’ agents you will save bandwidth servers resources and a crawling budget. The new google search engine allows users to test the robots file directly. At the time of writing the crawl stats section on the older search console is still viewable and fundamental to understanding the way your site is being crawled. You should keep your site fast on search engines.

Use an SEO Audit Tool to Find Duplicate Content

Raven Tools Site Auditor will check the duplicate content of your website and alert you when they have to be updated. Ahref’s site audit tool has also a Section on “Content Quality “ and identifies whether your website has the same content on multiple pages. Copyscape’s BATCH-SOURCE feature shows you the exact place where downloadable URLs appear on the internet. When you find text on another site looks through it in quotes. When Google searches your web page to find that original page, they will look for yourself first. If a person copies a website’s content, it means they will use it for another user.

Support Technical SEO with Ongoing Optimizations

By measuring these fixes over time it becomes easier to assess which ranking algorithms and technical factors most affect or hinder your SEO ranking. Prioritize future activity based on them and you will have benefits for organic traffic. Report on the status of your site maintenance and monitor its improvement to ensure you are making sure it works for people and crawlers. If you want an update of our site audit report each second month, please sign it. Google / the Google logo are trademarks of Google LLC used by permission. Google is a trademark owned by Google. It stands for Google’s website.

Structured data markup

Rich snippets will bring structured data to the next level and help search engines a lot! You can see rich snippets in search results from search queries. The rich text provides you with information from the star rating to the review number. The data are arranged in structured data marks. You can upload even richer text to your site! WordPress users can enjoy the easiest manner of working in WordPress. They simply add a plug-in and activate it immediately for their website. If you don’t currently use WordPress, you could use WordPress’ Google code to help you find and edit rich snippets.

How is technical SEO different from other types of SEO?

Technical SEO is everything that one does outside of website link building. Off-site SEO involves a certain reliance on third-party companies getting the site’s owners to accept your content or link back to you. Off-site and online marketing is completely under your control. This can provide an interesting opportunity to focus on getting either part right and it is an efficient way to increase the chances of your website being listed on the top results page. How can we optimize our sites for local searches? It is the best way to place our website in search results in the top 10.

Check that your site is indexable

The coverage report on Google’s search engine allows us to check the status of all the pages of our website. We can also look at specific URLs via the URL-inspecting software. One good way to test crawlability is to run a search engine. This is used to indicate if the URL is “indexable” or not inexact. Indexability Status: This is the reason a URL is not indexable. For example, if it’s canonically mapped to another URL or is labeled with not-index. If you notice any differences between pages you think are in the file and the number of pages being indexed then it’s worth looking further.

Duplicate content

Duplicate contents are a significant technical SEO issue that can cause you many problems. Google constantly measures the quality of resources on the web and punishes spammy sites without hesitation. Can you find a duplicate copy or duplicate text? Another idea is adding to sites that copy content canonical URLs. The canonical link shows search engines where the published content originates and completely fixes the problem. Get more information on the Canonical Tags on the Positionly blog: An Introduction To Canonical Tags on The Positionly blog on The positions blog. More Info.

Consistent URL structure

You don’t have to overthink the URL structure. Particularly if you are building a small website. However, you want your URL in a definite, consistent structure. This allows people to quickly know where they are at your site. Providing different categories to each page helps Google get a contextual overview of each page in that category. For example, the pages on our SEO marketing Hub all include the folders “/hub/seo” to help Google know that all of these pages belong in the ‘SEO marketing – Hub’ category. It seems it is working. page links will be added to the search results.

Make sure your website is mobile-friendly

61% of all Internet traffic goes online today. Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test is an easy test to verify whether a website is mobile responsive and user-friendly. Having a website without a mobile application on Android should be immediately addressed. Check all forms, phone numbers and page key service functions are correct. Do not leave the site or you could ruin its traffic or potential customers forever. For further information on this aspect of SEO click on the posting on Mobile-First Indexing in Mobile-First Indexing. Visit our mobile-first database 2021 updates.

Website speed

Amazon found each time a page load lasted 100Ms was accompanied by a one-percent drop in sales. Brian Dean stated that page loading speeds are included in the top ten SEO ranking factors. Fast websites are more important at the point where speeds matter to the company’s customers says, Dean. How can you increase the page load speed of a website? We have already published a piece about page load speed and described its importance for the performance of your website. I think faster websites will improve site speed. How can we improve our website speed?

Spot Indexing Issues

Next check the “Ground Policy Report” on Google Search Console. A current report shows the potential for Google to hone in on your content by rendering your pages as being incomplete. Screaming Frog is the most popular crawler in the world… for some reason. Ahrefs Site Audit is a comprehensive software package that will reveal technical SEO health for any website. There are many tools for building the largest website with up to 10k pages that I would recommend using. So there will not be any trouble. It takes 10k pages to complete.

Noindex pages that don’t have unique content

The “noindex” tag tells Google or other search engines NOT to index a duplicated site. Double-check your noindex tag is the correct setup of the URL checking function of the GSC. If you search for the page when Google has finished indexing it then you should be shown an open message “Google is storing the URL”. If you see an ‘Excluded by ‘noindex’ Tag, then that Tag does its job. Based on your crawl budget it can be up to a week for Google to crawl a site for pages you don’t want to be indexed. You may also block all searches for a web page.


Mobilegeddon, which is derived from Armageddon had an enormous impact on Google’. This basically ended the desktop era and began the new era of mobile search. Mobile-friendly websites play an important role in Google’s mobile search and the results on local websites. So you need to test immediately if your site is mobile-friendly by using Google’s mobile-friendly test tool and see how much you have to optimize. How can one better an eCommerce business by increasing its search engine ranking? How is the site optimized to be mobile-friendly?

Use Canonical URLs

Canonical URLs are perfect for sites with similar content… with little differences between a few pages. In our case, it means you’re running an eCommerce site selling hats. And you have a website only for cowboy hats. Depending on how your website was created any size variations can cause different URLs. It’s probably unsatisfactory. Luckily you can use the canonical text tag to inform Google that the vanilla version of your page is the main. All the others are variations. And another page’s variations. Quite a good deal. Google.

Why is technical SEO important?

Google must be able to search, crawl, render, and index websites. Even if Google is indexing the entire content your website provides that doesn’t mean that your job is done. How can I increase Google Adword ranking on Linkedin with a mobile-optimized site when mobiles are a king? Why not. That’s not to say that your technical SEO should be flawless to rank. Probably not. But the easier it gets for google to read your content the better the chances of finding your article. The best site with the best content is with your content.

Get your technical SEO healthy

These six steps offer a good starting point for anyone looking to ensure their website is optimized for search engines. They’re free so start right now! Elliot Haines is the owner of Hallam Media Solutions. Elliot has experience in creating and executing SEO and Digital PR strategies for both B2B and B2C clients and has delivered results in different industries including finance travel and transportation.

Use a flat, organized site structure

Your website structure is how each piece of the web page of your site is organized. The flat structure allows Google in 80% of the process to crawl your site. You need your organization also. In order to see how pages are linked, check the Site Linker. Free Web Development provides an interactive look at the website architecture. This feature provides an audit trail for Ahrefs sites so that customers can see what you are building from the most exact location. The messy structure will not create an orphan page.

Site architecture

Technical SEO creates a clever design that is SEO friendly too. We just featured this great post on our blog written by Adam Tanguay: 9 effective site architecture tips for SEO. He discusses the importance of a robot.txt file; a sitemap; a clear and consistent URL structure and safe browsing. With this example, use HTTPS instead of HTTPS, breadcrumbs, etc. Adam provides some recommendations on a good website architecture for SEO. This article contains. We’re delighted to share this with our viewers.

Normally, flat structures prevent this problem in the first place. Your “deepest” page is only 3-4 clicks from your homepage. If you require a long web page or database of some depth pages indexed there is always something to do with internal links to this page. Especially if your link page has lots of authority. If anyone wants to rank their homepage, they have to make sure their homepage is indexed quickly to become a priority. If you need to index your homepage you need an index page.

Review your sitemap

Google and search engines crawling sitemaps will view your site. It helps crawlers rank web pages. If you use the Yoast SEO plugin it generates an XML sitemap for you. The Screaming Frog can also see missing URLs on their sitemaps. Make sure your map includes your most important pages, that no one searches your URL, and also has a correctly placed map. Once you have accomplished this all you need to copy it back to Google for the web browser. Use Yoast SEO plugin to create an.

A technical definition of SEO

Technical SEO is a technique of optimizing your website which makes them more accessible. How you structure your website and URL structures, the code you’re building redirects all influence your SEO. Let’s see what you should check in order to do an online speed testing on Google Search Engine Optimization. Click this link for more information about technical SEO in Google’s technical SEO reference book. Return to the page I came from. Come home.

Thin and duplicate content

Duplicate content can theoretically appear on any site… as they may happen even for CMS websites using different URLs. This is a similar story with thin content: most sites don’t suffer so much. But that might also hurt your site ranking. This chapter will show you ways for fixing content duplicate issues at your site proactively. And in the next chapter I will tell you what you have to do to fix duplicate content problems in this Chapter.

Use an XML Sitemap

XML – Sitemaps are said to be Google’s second most important source in terms of site names. You can see a sample Sitemap in the Search Console by using the ‘Sitemaps’ feature. This page will be the sitemap on which Google will find your website. Google has announced that sitemap data is its second-highest resource to search URLs for the first time in its search history. First? I guess the links were external and internal.

Technical SEO Checklist

Technical SEO is handled separately from the on-page or offline SEO. Even if you have done this before it is always a good idea to perform a technical SEO audit. To further monitor your Web website’s optimization it can be performed an introductory and comprehensive SEO Audit. This audit covers more checks that go beyond technical SEO. More information on how to use technical SEO can be found under the following link.


Technical SEO is a no-stop subject. It covers topics related to the elements needed for optimizing in accordance with the requirements imposed by Google. We can’t complete what we are talking about today and we hope that this short summary of the major issues will suffice for now. How can I ask you some queries about technical SEO? Send an inquiry below using the contact page.

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