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Tea2Go The Profit Update

As the owner of Texas-based Tea2Go looks for Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy security, the Tea2Go store in Waco would also certainly be rebranded as Nobility Tea Co., regional franchisee Ford Ferrer said. At the patronized South Seventh Street as well as Cleveland Road, which focuses on fresh tea produced from whole fallen leaves, Ferrer said, new signs will definitely grow rapidly. They have a goal date of June 30 to make the switch, he said.

Waco, Texas Tea2Go

The Waco region has actually done well given that it opened up three years ago and is still popular with Baylor University students, Ferrer, who resides in Houston, asserted. He said that the shop standards are 175 to 225 tickets a day, and each ticket normally serves two or three customers as well.

Tea2Go Franchises

Ferrer said he and a variety of other Tea2Go franchisees have completed the creation of The Aristocracy Tea Co. and would definitely also open Nobility-branded stores in some luxury shopping centers in the formerly Starbucks-affiliated Teavana stores in the Houston area. He said that he and his other half, Cyndy, are preparing to launch their second franchise zone in the Houston region of Clear Lake early next week. “Our shop in Waco is doing superb, and also the possession and also product line will certainly continue to be exactly the same,” Ferrer said. Rockwall-based Sterling Tea may supply leaves for the Nobility brand, he said.

Founders of Tea2Go

He said that Tea2Go’s founding owners offered franchisees the option of continuing to operate under that brand or heading their separate ways. I can probably estimate that 15 percent have agreed to stay with Tea2Go, primarily in the areas of Lubbock and Midland,” I would certainly approximate that 15 percent made a decision to stick with Tea2Go, mainly in the Lubbock and also Midland locations,”

Tea2Go Competition

Just around the bend, at 800 S. in a facility. Turner and Behringer, both operated by Seventh St., launched a shop named 1102 Bubble Tea & Coffee in early January. Ferrer believed that his owner was not comfortable with placing a rival too close to his store, “but I, later on, found out that is a totally various concept, as well as our sales, in fact, have actually enhanced since it opened.”

Tea2Go: The 2020 Earnings Updates

Every day, Americans drink 1.42 million pounds of tea, rendering tea one of the country’s most favored beverages. Jeff and Taylor Hunt, the father-son team, saw the potential in a tea-based company as well as Tea2Go. In 2013, Jeff and Taylor created their franchise tea store, offering both made-to-order drinks and loose-leaf take-home teas. Without compromising convenience, their vision was to create delightful tea blends that had distinct health and wellness benefits.

Tea2Go launched a multitude of stores, and they both started to avoid operating independently. The Hunts struggled to live. Tea2Go was on the verge of failing with over a million dollars in the red. If they were to hold their family business open, the Hunts needed Marcus’s help.

John Owassons and Teresa Hardesty love their tea as well. They decided a lot, honestly, to launch their very own local franchise. They have Tea2Go, situated at 9031 N, in the process of being renamed NobiliTea. E. 121st. Ave. in the Farm Business of Smith. Since transferring from West Texas to Owasso almost two years ago to undertake a full-time mission in Oklahoma, The Hardesty’s opened the shop in September 2017.

John quit giving workers at XploreNations Scriptures University in Fractured Arrowhead a career in oil field sales in Midland. It was not long, though, before his passion for tea and his better half, as well as the affection of their brand-new hometown of Owasso, prompted them to search for new prospects. As well as a short drink of black coconut cream tea from Midland’s Tea2Go, all for Teresa began. “After that, she was addicted,” John claimed. It was from that point on, Tea2Go was frequently (for us)… and also automatically resembled my mom,’ I wonder what it will probably take to franchise company.’ “It was from that point on, Tea2Go was regularly (for us) … and also instantly my wife resembled, ‘I wonder what it would certainly take to franchise business.’ ” We choose Owasso because (it’s) the atmosphere of small-town, home town; if you consider expansion, it’s really good for service. When it launched, the Owasso shop functioned as the first Tea2Go in Oklahoma and entered the 11 other established places in Texas and Kansas. Since then, it has gathered over 4,400 likes on Facebook and drawn repeat customers with its doors.

Still, they didn’t ever leave there.

The Hardesty’s, which holds the franchising legal rights in Oklahoma, recently launched one more store in Jenks within the last 6 months and are now expected to open three more in the Tulsa location and an additional one in Oklahoma City.

In Tulsa, John said possible sites include one along Brookside, another off 106th as well as Memorial, and even one within Woodland Hills Shopping Center. Inside the Penn Square Shopping Mall, the store in Oklahoma City is suggested. A huge variety of hand made teas from white, black, oolong, as well as natural and organic and top-shelf, Tea2Go shelves. In addition, specialty drinks include chai latte, dirty chai, tea cappucino, organic tea latte, and hot chocolate.

Our selection of food offers more than 70 loose-leaf teas that can be made hot or cold as well as sweetened, but you would prefer,” Our food selection offers over 70 loose-leaf teas that can be made hot or chilly as well as sweetened nonetheless you would like, “We have actually seasoned rock sugars, as well as kinds of honey, as well as non-calorie sugar.”We have actually seasoned rock sugars and also kinds of honey, as well as non-calorie sugar.”

We’re not merely feeding farmers,” he said. “We know the products. We want to teach people about tea, and the more educated you are and the more you hear about your wellbeing needs, the more you’re going to want it. Because at the Hardesty’s stores, certain fitness and wellness needs don’t go unheeded.

John said Tea2Go invests inactive ingredients that allow its customers not only to get a flavorful drink but one that is also nutritious, under the slogan of’ Good Tea 4 Healthy Living.’

” Individuals enjoy tea, as well as they, wish to be healthy,” John said. “It’s the health and wellness advantages, the antioxidants, anti-inflammatories; we have to do with fifty percent natural now, attempting to press 100 percent organic.” Repeat customers such as Jenny Boissenin and Fall Bridges believed that the different take on tea from Hardesty has them going back for much more.

I have only come here since they opened up and I like their tea; they have excellent customer service,” Boissenin said. “I’m kind of on a path to weight reduction, and I just seem to be safe and balanced with their tea.” Bridges added, “I think it’s delicious. I come here every once and a while, usually before I go shopping. Tea2Go in Owasso is open Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-8 p.m., Saturday, 8 a.m.-8 p.m., and Sunday, 11 a.m.-7 p.m. Tea2Go in Owasso is open Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-8 p.m., and Sunday, 11 a.m.-7 p.m. To find more, dial 918-510-2799 or go to


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