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Storytelling Tips For Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Stories exist in today’s channels including televisions, social media, and the internet, which play a huge role in modern marketing space. Social media alone is and should have a huge role in your marketing strategy, regardless of what niche you belong to. With social media storytelling, it can boost your audience reach, spread brand awareness, and help you attract new followers. That said, considering the kind of competition we have today, failing to attract the attention of your audience will result in your message being lost in the sea of other brand messages.

In connecting and engaging with your followers, existing customers and even the potential ones, it is vital to bear in mind that this is your opportunity to publicize your brand and to do that, you have to initiate a conversation about who you are and what you are offering. Here are tips to help you effectively introduce storytelling into your social media marketing strategy.

1. Don’t just tell-show them.

Brand storytelling doesn’t have to be just limited to creating a whole bunch of text- based contents. For starters, images and videos are perfect ways to reflect the essence and key message of your brand. Instagram and Pinterest are two great platforms that revolve around images. While video content can be easily shared on Facebook and YouTube. If you do not know where to get images, you can experiment on some design apps and websites that allow you to use their default images, templates, and backgrounds to craft engaging posts for any social media platform.

2. Be human

People naturally want to connect with people first, instead of brands. Share to your followers what’s new about your brand, what your learning experiences are and what’s the latest hot topics you have. Reinforce your brand message as well as your company mission and the values you stand for.

Remember that modern audiences are getting savvier and so it’s not hard for them to tell if a brand is being genuine in their posts. Nonetheless, don’t bare your brand too much to the public. In other words, only share things that you want the crowd to know because once you’ve published something in the web, it’ll be there for everyone to consume, share, and do whatever they like to. Thus, it is important to ensure that your posts are well planned and appropriate.

3. Provide value

Make fresh and interesting content whether it’s in a form of video, blog post, infographics, article, or eBooks on various platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. One of the best ways to attract attention and gain more followers is to offer them resources.

Inviting your audiences to be part of your brand is a great way to keep them engaged with your resources. If you’re looking into increasing your fans, you can gain more audience by sharing relevant content from your industry, engaging with the people and finding relevant, or better yet, influential, users to follow.