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SEO Trends to Look Out For in 2018

If you are not integrating SEO strategies on your website, blogs, and social media pages, then it won’t come off as a surprise if your business isn’t doing well in its rankings.

So What Should You Do?

Search engine optimization is one of the best ways to ensure that your products are getting an online presence. SEO may be easy to use, but since it often goes through changes, you need to keep yourself updated on the new trends of SEO ranking schemes. This 2018 is another yet year filled with the latest SEO trends as several are coming out of the shadow that you can take advantage of.

Want The Six Things You Should Be Aware Of?

Voice Search

Voice search is now becoming the new trend that prompts the change in how we view content development. Valuable content will now carry a more conversing scheme that is expected to answer queries accurately. Gone are the days of creating content that revolves around a particular keyword; instead, this year will be about creating content for searcher intent. Since search engines’ role is to construe context, the material that directly gives answers to questions and has valuable information about a specific topic will now come out as a winner.

Link-worthy and valuable content

This year customer engagement will become one of the determining factors in succeeding your SEO. Now, the main focus is geared towards having link-worthy and useful content that will answer questions and give valuable information to customers. Another aspect that has gotten quite attention is a schema or a structured framework, which is expected to be one of the centerpieces in achieving good results from organic searches.

Secured websites

It was broadcast by Google years ago that sites that have secured websites certificates (SSL) Are starting to become the priority in ranking a website over those who do not have SSL. In fact, there have been cases where Google has labeled some sites that don’t start with HTTPS as potentially unsafe, thus causing a drop in rankings for those dangerous websites.

Searcher Intent

If you can match your search results to those of the intent of a searcher’s query, then you’re more Likely to receive some good news on your rankings. This year, we must look past the keywords and other conventional ranking factors for us to fully grasp what kind of content we should use to gain the attention of the search engines.

Video SEO

For the next years to come, video content is expected to dominate the SEO world and outshine other forms of content. On top of that, we also have YouTube, the second largest search engine, to prove to us that indeed, videos are becoming today’s trend. Now, effectively expose your products to the market is through developing and optimizing your video content.

SEO-rich and longer length of content

2018 is the time to come up with longer content. Materials that have 1,500 words or more are seen to be performing well in search engine rankings and have been getting more traffic as compared to those that have a shorter length. The longer your content is, the higher the chance users stay longer on your pages. Moreover, longer content is liable to more backlinks and social shares according to studies.


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