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SEO Trends To Increase Your Site Traffic

During the first few months of the year, there’s always a surge of new tips and practices for Las Vegas SEO that will fill the digital marketing feeds with possible predictions for the incoming months. Over
the last recent years, Google has released numerous updates that will surely impact businesses
and their online presence this 2019. To ensure that the digital aspect of your business will be
doing fine, consider following these SEO tips.

Mobile-first update

When Google rolled out a new algorithm called the mobile-first index, marketers and businesses all
over the world were stunned. This system is used to reward websites that are mobile-friendly by
boosting their search rankings. In order to implement this new index, you need to have a solid
mobile interface in place that offers ease of use to your visitors. Remember that a significant
number of online searches are done on mobile devices, so chances are, the first and only
impression consumers may have on your site could be a mobile one.

Keyword updates

Stuffing websites with keywords used to work wonders several years ago, however, the year has
come that marks the end of this keyword practice. This 2019, websites can no longer take
advantage of keyword stuffing as their means to climb to the top of SERPs. Instead, the focus
will now be on creating long-tail niche keywords that can be naturally integrated into your site’s
copy and blog.

Another keyword trend you may want to consider is the LSI keywords. These are
keywords that are contextually associated with your niche such as synonyms of your main
keywords. If you use LSI keywords instead of main keywords, this will help in making your
website copy less like the keyword-stuffing technique used way back in the 2000s.

User intent

This year, the SEO landscape has also turned its focus on the wants and needs of users,
especially on user intent. In the present web environment, traditional SEO is only second to
meeting the intents of your incoming traffic, thus, it is important to optimize your site with not
just a creative copy but also an informative one and an active blog. The better you can provide
answers to your readers’ initial questions as well as the possible follow-up questions, the higher
the odds of your readers staying on your site.

Voice search optimization

Smart speakers are now one of the popular trends these days. As such, the sale of Google Home
and Amazon Echo has dramatically increased over the past year alone. Now the more and more
people are getting busier each day, this has resulted in the rise of the hands-free user base that
comprises half of all searches.

Keep yourself from falling behind the competition and start optimizing for voice search now. To enhance your voice search optimization strategy, you can use long-tail keywords and optimized metadata so that users can have a better experience when their voice search queries lead them to your site.


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