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SEO Techniques

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process. It’s a way of improving the visibility of webpages for the search engines. There are many competent SEO firms available that can deliver what you need in the field of search engine optimization services. By hiring the professionals you are assured of getting expert help and advice.

You can try doing your own SEO, but many that have tried ended up wishing they had opted for hiring professionals while they focused on other areas of maintaining their websites. The professional SEO consultant knows all the right tactics and just how to tweak your site to get it to rank within the search engines. If you find yourself overwhelmed with all this, or just don’t have the time or patience to try any of these SEO methods then feel free to check out the SEO plans we offer or call us for a free phone consultation. We’ll be glad to help.

Factors when deciding which SEO techniques to use

Here are some of the things we deal with when considering what SEO methods to utilize in any optimization campaign:

Controlling Anchor Text Keywords – By controlling anchor text keywords on your website you improve your ranking. Avoid the use of any ‘off-topic’ keywords in your links.

Primary, Plural, & Secondary Keywords – All search engines use various singular and plural keywords. Whenever those queries get entered into the search bar you want to have the closest match to it within your titles. Then your hit count will go higher for that page.

Unique Content – Experts understand that duplicate content pages are a no-no.

Using Search Terms In Quotes – We know and understand how to locate and gauge the market competition. By using “quotes” in your search terms you avoid broad matching references related to words with similar meaning.

Article Publishing – We can publish articles to get the word out about your site and get links back to it. You can publish in online magazines, ezines, top article directories, related websites, and on blogs. Using your keywords in the articles helps to improve your ranking. You can also do some blogging of your own and submit your site to online directories to obtain links.

Frequent Updating of Website Content – The search engines always track a website’s content when it’s been updated. It’s important to keep fresh and relevant content on your site as much as possible.

Deep Links & Optimizing Internal Links – We also understand that the number of links you get to any particular page from other external websites, or ‘Deep Links’ improves your page rank. The more external links the better. Consolidation of your internal links to your specific pages can also help with higher ranking.

Strong Internal Links – We will produce for you some strong internal links, then deep link up with specific pages for increasing your rank.

Accessibility & Crawl – We will make use of sitemaps, strong primary and secondary naviagation, hub pages, and other tactics to bring exposure to your pages making them easier to find.

Keyword Usage – We will focus on the proper use of midtail to longtail keywords.

SEO Techniques