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SEO Ranking Factors

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) when done right is one of the most effective methods of attracting organic traffic to your website by achieving a higher page ranking with Google, Yahoo, and Bing. If you want to reach the number one spot for your specific niche, then SEO is the only way to get there.

One very appealing feature of search engine optimization is that you can do it for practically nothing – if you have the time that is. You can get to number one for free while some of the Pay Per Click sponsored ads are costing somebody $5 or more for each click!

5 Important Ranking Factors

So here are the five things necessary to reaching that coveted number one spot:

Keep An Eye On Your Competition – We SEO’s call this “competitive analysis” which is just a fancy way of saying: “Check out what your competition is doing”. You always want to see who’s in the top ten on the results page for your targeted keywords. Analyze where they are and know the keywords they are using. See how many pages they have and who they link to. Find out how many backlinks they have.

Backlinks – More than just finding out how many backlinks they have, also find out where those links are coming from and their page rank. See if they’re using .com’s or .gov’s or .net’s or .org’s.

Niche Keywords – A lot of people will tell you to be sure to include your niche keywords in your title and articles on your site. Nobody is really certain about how the search engine algorithms actually work, but it almost seems as though they care more about the keywords and links than the actual content but who really knows with 100% certainty – nobody really (unless you’s a Google engineer that is).

How To Reach The Number One Position – What you do is emulate the people you just checked out. Then you have to ‘one-up’ them. Accumulate your own links until you have more than they do. Start linking to sites that already have a good page rank. This can be blogs, relevant websites, or big directories. If you can get a link from a well-known news site, it carries a lot of weight because of all the traffic it gets.

Links From High Authority Sites – Like the news sites mentioned above, find as many like this as you can. This is the most difficult part, and one reason having a presence on Twitter and Facebook can be so powerful. Get all kinds of links, but only those of high quality. It’s better to have less high-quality links than thousands of low-quality ones.

SEO is a broad subject. Some parts are easy and relatively quick, but others are much more time consuming and challenging, but they are all important when it comes to increasing your search engine rank. To stay competitive in the online world SEO is a must. If this all seems like a lot of work – it is. But if you have the time and patience, you can be on your way to the top of the search engines. If you have neither the time nor patience than you may want to hire a professional SEO firm to handle it for you.

SEO Ranking Factors