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SEO Plan For Your Online Business

Increasing one’s online presence has become the determining factor in an online business’s success considering the fact that we now live in a competitive business world. Additionally, improving your visibility can also lead to more users visiting your site and possibly buying or availing of your products and services. It has also been observed that several online business owners have sought the service of an SEO Company to plan the best SEO campaign for their respective businesses. You can follow some of the tips below on growing your e-commerce website.

Tip #1: Properly structured URLs

If you want to increase your chances of getting high rankings, then you must make sure that your online store does not have too many ambiguous URLs. Label your URL according to a specific product name or category for a more organized and SEO-friendly website.

Tip #2: Title tags are critical to SEO

Your title tags must be well thought and constructed in a thorough manner because it is very important in indexing web pages. A good SEO specialist must know the value of the 65-characters rule and in maximizing the use of relevant keywords and product name in your page title.

Tip #3: Put a Meta description

The general rule is to have no more than 160 characters in your Meta description. Use these limited characters wisely and think of how you can best describe your online store in a few sentences that will entice visitors to come to your site.

Tip #4: Use canonical tags

Make use of canonical tags by adding them to your multiple web pages for the same product. That way, it will avoid you from violating the duplication rule, which can get you penalized.

Tip #5: Product description

Detailing your products with the necessary information will attract more potential customers to buy them. What’s more, you can even get crawlers to index your web pages. Therefore, it is critical for you to choose the right words that will best describe your products, which in turn, will also help you, get more conversions.

Tip #6: Come up with good quality content

Search engines are very fond of quality content, aren’t they? In fact, they give better performance ratings to those websites that have quality content. Based on the preference of search engines, SEO specialists’ job is to provide you with optimized and rich content for your web pages in order for the search engine spiders to notice your site.

Tip #7: Add relevant videos

This one is not really a must-do, but rather, it is an option for those who have videos that are relevant to their business. Posting videos can help you provide a valuable user experience to your customers that will hopefully lead them to make their purchasing decision out of your products.

Tip #8: Your website must deliver smooth navigation and user interaction

In website navigation, you may link one page to another for your customers that will give them more detailed information about a certain product/s. For better results, you can also have your online store designed to allow customers to add reviews about your products. That way, you can increase customer interaction, improve your sales, and build your brand image given that your customer feedbacks are good.


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