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Google looks at many different elements to evaluate your website’s ranking when a user types a keyword related to your niche. Just about every accomplished expert in SEO believes that social media and interaction is one of the more important elements as of late, and SMO has been used to addresses this. Basically, Social media optimization aims to optimize your content on your chosen social media platform so that the ranking of your main website improves.

Expert Tips to Improve Your Social Presense

Try to be as descriptive as possible in your social media profile. Always make sure that you fill out every field and answer every question in the “Information” or “About” sections. The best words and phrases to use are those that accurately describe your company and what you do, and are also the key words and phrases that potential customers and visitors use when they are looking for a website like yours. Share some of your website content on social media. Your posts should contain some of the key words and phrases people use to search for a website like yours. Always use your business name in your social posts, so that the keywords are associated with your brand name.

Post engaging content that makes readers want to share them. This can help in your link building efforts, which is another important element of SEO. In link building, you want to have links on your website pointing to other quality sites. You also want quality sites to link to yours.

By posting engaging content, you get likes and comments, and Google takes note of this. And when other people share or retweet your posts, you can get more inbound links to your website. Your engaging posts don’t have to be complicated and lengthy. Even a short tweet or a simple post on Facebook can be shared if they are interesting enough. In line with this, make it easy for people to like or share your content by including social media buttons on the content of your website.

The Importance of Google+

Join Google+. While Facebook may be the de facto social networking site for a lot of people, Google remains the #1 search engine online. And Google clearly pays attention to Google+. Setup a business page on Google+, and then complete the fields in the “About” section. Use keywords to describe your business. You can also put links in your profile, so you can take that opportunity to link back to your website and social accounts. Spend about 15 minutes a day posting some content on Google+, and Google will reward you with improved rankings. Use Google+ local listing. This used to be known as Google Places. Virtually everyone uses Google to search for local business, and for local search results your Google+ local listing can get you a high rank. This also allows your potential customer to connect to your physical location.

Just make sure that your info is up to date. Make sure you have the right address and phone numbers, and post your business hours on your page as well. Social networking helps connect your business with potential customers. These tips may not help you become an expert but they can certainly assist you to become more skilled with your search engine optimization strategy and improve your ranking online.

SEO Expert