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Selecting Your Next SEO Agency

Your decision in choosing the next SEO firm to partner with will play a tremendous role in your company and bank account. The difference between a surge in organic traffic and a drop in search rankings all boils down to picking between a good and bad SEO expert. However, with the right SEO firm, businesses, regardless of the sector, can boost their sales and minimize their advertising budget, all the while, enhancing user experience. Before entering into a new partnership with an SEO company, below are five tips you can follow,

Abstract talks about SEO is never a good thing

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a difficult field, and thus, is often misunderstood. Good SEO requires an extensive yet deep understanding of how search engines operate, great attention to detail, and regular adjustments since Google’s algorithms are known to change almost every week. Shortcuts to SEO success are done using unethical SEO techniques such as cloaking and keyword stuffing, which can demote your website because such methods violate search engines’ rules. Once your site gets caught practicing those techniques, your rankings and organic traffic will drop. So, make sure to steer clear of these kinds of agencies.

Establish your specific goals and look for a firm that can achieve them

No matter what, do not partner with an SEO company that has a generic goal of, say, boosting your organic traffic. First and foremost, there are several kinds of organic traffic, which means that boosting traffic doesn’t always equate to increased revenue. So to prevent such ambiguity, you should come up with an outline of what you wish to achieve with SEO. Do you want to increase your sales by ranking higher on certain keywords? Do you want to reduce your bounce rate and improve your conversion rate? Apart from SEO, are you looking to expand your social media following and develop sponsored content? When choosing an SEO firm to work with, make sure you’ve established a set of clear goals and the types of results you want to have, as well as the services you need.

Never settle for Google’s “best SEO” list

Instead, you should consider the word of mouth recommendations as they are far more reliable, genuine, and credible. The best SEO companies don’t always have the best rankings on search engines. Sometimes, they are too busy optimizing their clients’ websites that they don’t have much time to work on their websites. The best companies normally have an impressive list of long-term customers who have referred members of their respective circles to the same service. In many cases, SEO companies that need new customers are the ones that bother ranking for certain keywords.

That said, this doesn’t also mean that there are no reputable SEO lists. It’s just that you shouldn’t base an SEO firm’s competency and effectiveness solely on their organic rankings. The best route you can take is to find a qualified firm through word-of-mouth advertising. Ask around in your professional circle who they would recommend, instead of just relying on Google.

Look for an SEO firm with metrics that are okay with you

Now that you’ve set your goals and narrowed your search to a few firms, it’s time to ensure that you and the firm you want to partner with have a clear technique for tracking your progress once they get started. Before you seal the deal, it’s essential to ensure that you and your SEO expert are on the same boat regarding key performance indicators or KPIs. Moreover, your SEO firm should also understand which metrics are the top priorities and is able to convey that information to you in a way that you can understand. Some of the important KPIs to consider are keyword rankings, page load time, conversion rate, and organic sessions.

Pick the one that communicates effectively

Generally, you should be able to access the tools your SEO partner is using to measure your KPIs. Such tools can include Google Analytics, SEMRush, and Google Search Console. However, odds are, you won’t have time to spare to analyze all that data. Therefore, you need an SEO expert team that will work with you when it comes to communication and nurturing your business relationship. Take note that SEO is a long-term process, which means, it could take years to work with your chosen SEO firm. And even if you intend to just temporarily partner with an SEO company, boosting your organic site traffic goals needs patience, time, and a positive working relationship.


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