Search Engine Optimization as an Investment


As a business owner, have you asked yourself that question? Do you think it is worth your time and effort to invest in such a thing? If you’re still having second thoughts or simply want assurance why SEO is your must-have marketing tool, then don’t stray away from this article. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a tool used to increase the rank of your website by increasing the traffic. For the last part, your site should be shown on the first 10 pages of the search results, otherwise, you’re screwed because most likely you won’t get the traffics needed to land a good rank. This leads me to say that indeed, your business should be SEO optimized.

Here are the top 5 reasons why Search Engine Optimization has been dubbed as today’s “holy grail” online marketing tool.

It Is Functional As It Was Before

I’m not exactly sure why but some website owners think that SEO no longer works the same way as when it first came out, specifically in the platform of Google. Of course, this is definitely not the case today. In fact, SEO has become even important than ever before especially now that it can process 40,000 search queries every second. Among all search engines, Google is the most used, thus generates more website visitors.

Less Costly in the Long Term

Investing in SEO saves you money since it is basically cheaper than any other promotional technique. You can now say goodbye to paid ads like AdWords because SEO has you covered. Although some expensive methods have proved their worth, some can also be costly but not effective. However, with Search Engine Optimization, its mechanic is the people searching for your products or services. It will help you gain organic traffic and build your image. Also, keep in mind that should you get traffic from other channels that violate policies, Google will ban your site, so be careful.

Helps Improve Visitor Experience

SEO improves your customer’s experiences by putting emphasis on your website’s structure in such a way that your site visitors will be able to navigate and explore your site smoothly. Not only that, SEO considers the quality and readable content as contributing factors. : Most importantly, your SEO-optimized website guarantees that it can be of great use to the customers.

Gives You A Competitive Edge

If you have an SEO campaign, you have the advantage over those sites that are not optimized. However, for those competitors who are also using SEO to improve their ranks, you need to up your game by continuously enhancing your SEO campaign. Use SEO by any means possible to keep you on the line or better yet beat them all.

Builds and Promotes Your Brand

As I have briefly mentioned in reason #2, Search Engine Optimization does not only get you traffic but it will create and promote your brand. Landing your site at the first page of the SERPs is more than possible with SEO. If you’re on the first page, then more you will have more visitors and attract potential customers. Hence, your brand will be recognized by many people.


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