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Roofing SEO

The roofing industry in the United States, specifically the residential roofing market, is expected to remarkably grow at an annual growth rate of almost 5%. With the rapid boost in single-family housing, new home construction, and the need for storm-related products and damage repairs, it’s no wonder why the country’s roofing industry is experiencing a great increase in profitability and sales. In recent years, roofing companies have basked in the stronger sales growth, coming pretty close with sales boosts among all types of construction companies.

What’s more, those roofing companies are surpassing even the private firms when you view it across all sectors. Although roofing contractors and companies don’t have the fattest margins, to begin with, they were able to enhance their profitability in the past years. Roofers are professionals that specialize in roof construction. They are also responsible for overseeing the entire roofing process, either in residential or commercial construction. Roofers analyze the construction plans and ensure that the work is performed strictly as per the design.

Understanding SEO

As a business owner, you’re likely wondering why you need SEO, let alone understand its basics. Learning about the work of search engines allows you to determine the ways you can leverage their functions for your company’s advantage and growth. Furthermore, understanding SEO will give you a better opportunity to drive target customers, increase your sales, and grow your overall revenue.

The first thing you should know about SEO is that its results aren’t achievable based on the rules the marketer has set. Rather, the results are dependent on search engines. Therefore, if you want to rank higher, you should comply with Google’s rules and regulations. For your roofing website, this means following Google’s webmaster guidelines, instead of trying to outsmart Google or other search engines. And in abiding with Google’s rules, your site has to be flexible, Google-friendly, and in tune with the latest trends.

Are you looking for ways to attract more customers to your roofing company? Bob’s SEO can be the key to your problem. We will expand your online reach across the internet with cost-effective, time-saving, great, and highly profitable SEO tactics.

Why SEO is important for roofing companies

Thanks to the internet, professionals, startups, and small businesses can now compete fairly against bigger companies and rise above the competition. But, how about your digital marketing? Working with an SEO and digital marketing firm like Bobs SEO will allow your roofing company to have a highly attractive, compelling, and user-friendly website that creates excellent first impressions on your customers. On top of that, we can help you boost your online presence with comprehensive and experienced SEO strategies.

When clients seek a roofing company, they will want a business they can trust and rely on and can provide their promises, all the while delivering a great job. But how do you earn their trust? In optimizing your SEO efforts, you can get ahead of your competitors and be the top choice your customers will see. Among hundreds to thousands of certified roofing companies in the market, we will set your company apart with exceptional SEO and online marketing. Together, we will work alongside you to prove to your clients that you are the best company they will ever find.

Higher brand awareness

Your clients will want to get to know you first before hiring you. When you’re on top one spot in search engine results, your clients will be able to see your business name first before your competitors. Brand recognition you earn will be worthwhile when your clients being comparing roofing companies and reaching out to companies.


Many people already know that SEO efforts take time to produce results. Don’t worry, your patience will surely pay off big time. And the best part is that you get to save money. An SEO program significantly costs lower than most old-school marketing campaigns. Thus, when you have a strong SEO in place, you no longer have to spend hundreds to thousands of bucks on traditional advertising. Plus, you can get people to see and notice your company just by securing a spot on top of search results.

Better ROI

When your roofing company has excellent brand awareness and cost-effective marketing strategies, what do you think are the kind of results you can expect when it comes to revenue? High ROI, that’s what awaits you. SEO is created to reach millions of target customers, drive online traffic, and convert traffic into actual customers. The more customers you have, the higher your earnings become, but at a much lower expense, all thanks to search engine optimization.


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