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Expert SEO Services in Richmond


Whenever people look for something, whether it’s a good restaurant to dine in, a decent place to stay overnight, or just a quick review of a digital marketing company, they turn to Google. Everybody today do this and the majority of them click on the first few sites that show up on the search engine results page (SERP).

Putting your site on the first page of SERP is precisely what we do. The most effective way to get your business rank on top of Google or any other search engine is through Richmond SEO. Sure, many people have heard of this term and how it works, but not all are fully invested in this marketing strategy. The worst scenario that could happen is if your competitors are also leveraging SEO. If they do, then they may be receiving more queries, leads, and ultimately, customers than you.

Creating a website alone isn’t enough to get you on the first page. Although being on the no. 1 spot won’t happen overnight, the right Richmond SEO company will work on putting your company on the first page as fast as possible and without using unethical methods. Here at Bobs SEO, we can get your website to rank and perform well in today’s competitive landscape. Just remember that SEO isn’t a straightforward process.

Below are the benefits you can get if you partner with our SEO team:

1.Improve your site’s visibility and boost sales

There are over 250 million websites on the web. As such, business owners need to build and maintain a good online presence to reach their potential customers. Using SEO Richmond services will allow you to improve the visibility of your site on the internet so your business can have more opportunities to grow. SEO helps your business get more attention, which in turn, leads to higher sales.

2.Generate more traffic, leads, and customers

As part of our SEO Richmond process, we perform an in-depth analysis of your site to uncover any hidden issues or errors with your site design that might be hindering your site from performing well. Having an optimized and error-free website will ensure smooth and easy indexing of your site by the crawlers. It also boosts your traffic, and thus, gives you the chance to convert these visitors into customers.

3.Getting ahead of your competition

Nowadays, nearly everyone has an online presence and consequently, your competitors will also be trying to get a share of the market. Our Richmond SEO experts will allow you to counter their SEO efforts so you can rank higher than them in Google. All our methods for our SEO campaigns are proven and tested so we can ensure that our clients will get better results.

4.Receive a higher return on investment (ROI)

Partnering with us will be a bang for your buck. We work by enhancing your business’s online visibility using the most effective methods. This way we can provide you with increased online exposure. And the stronger your online visibility is, the greater the return it can generate.

5.Long-term results

Our Richmond SEO strategies, practices, and techniques are designed to offer long-term, positive results. We don’t just stop at ranking our clients on the first page of search engines, but we also make sure that they retain that position for a long time. As a result, you’ll be enjoying a high ROI and a steady online presence for a longer period.

6. Transparency

The not-so-secret key to establishing mutual trust with our clients is transparency. Our clients are given monthly reports, which contain the key results of their SEO campaigns for that month. Our SEO Richmond reports are fact-based so we can ensure that our work is as transparent as it can be.

Richmond, Virginia

If you ask any local of Richmond, Virginia to describe their home city, the aptest description would likely be historical. The capital of Virginia is a beautiful place to be with its array of vibrant gardens, interesting museums, gorgeous historical sites, great eateries, and exciting attractions. Agecroft Hall is a stunning replica of the original Elizabethan manor house in England. It overlooks the James River, which makes it an even more great place to unwind. Spend your afternoon drinking tea at The Jefferson. The fancy place also serves pastries, finger sandwiches, and scones to go along with your cup of tea.

For art lovers, Richmond has the right place for you. The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts boasts over 33,000 works of art that are more than enough to satisfy you. If you need a break from the Richmond history lessons, consider going to Kings Dominion. It’s a sprawling 400-acre water and theme park about 25 miles north of Richmond. Try the best cuisine in the city with a Real Richmond Food Tour. The tour includes visits to various eateries with samplings and tastings of their top fare.


What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is the process of ranking your website higher in the search results for your targeted search terms.

How long does it take to rank?

It really depends on quite a few factors. Things like the age of your website, how competitive (or not) of industry you are in, site architecture, website speed, the authority of your domain, the authority of your ranking page, social presence, and more.

Why hire an SEO company?

If you want to save money, time and avoid a possible disaster by getting a penalty then hiring a professional SEO is the only way to go.

What's the difference between SEO and SEM?

SEO deals with only organic search engine results. SEM stands for search engine marketing and encompasses any paid advertising in the search results.

How much does SEO cost?

First off, SEO doesn’t “cost” it “pays” – in a BIG way. By that, I mean that you get back much more than you spend each month (more traffic, leads, and sales). It is not uncommon to get 10x, even 20x or more ROI from a proper search engine optimization campaign. The pricing will depend primarily on the level of competition of the industry you are in. Your monthly investment will vary greatly between the least competitive to most competitive industries.

What makes you different from other firms?

The biggest difference between Bobs SEO and the majority of other digital marketing firms is the level of personal service I provide. Unlike some other larger agencies, I’m the only one you will be communicating with during our partnership (so to speak).

SEO Process

How do we go about choosing the keywords/phrases? Keyword research is one of the first things we do when starting your SEO campaign. Selecting the proper search terms to target and rank for is one of the most important steps in the SEO process. We find the best volume search phrases with the highest buyer intent and conversion chance.

It is vital to have a properly designed website. Google must be able to easily crawl and index all pages of your site. Proper internal linking structure is an often overlooked ranking signal and should not be ignored.

Social media has become not only a necessity for your business but also a significant ranking factor where SEO is concerned. We send Google the right social signals so that they will give your business the recognition it deserves.

Two very important things to keep in mind: You should strive for a good user experience for every website visitor that lands on your web page. The longer a visitor stays on your site the better chance that you will convert them into a possible sale.

Comprehensive monthly ranking reports that show what position each campaign keyword is in the search results. Intuitive bar graphs that reveal the daily ranking position over a given time frame for every targeted search term.

On-Page SEO includes all of the ranking factors associated with the actual code of the website URL (or page) you are trying to rank. A few examples are title, headline (H1), subheading (H2), age of page, age of the domain, page speed, content length, URL length, and many more.

Off-Page SEO refers to all of the ranking signals that occur “off-page” (NOT included within the website code). Some examples are PR distribution, blog posting, bookmarking, article submission, authority backlink building, social metrics, content sharing, and many more.

Website speed can not be overstated in its importance when it comes to ranking in the search results. Not only does a fast loading site rank higher, but it also provides a better user experience.

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