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Photography SEO

Did you know that the word "photography" is from the Greek words "photos" as in light and "graphos" as in drawing. Photography is a mix of science, art, and practice that uses light to develop images. This is the photographic process that begins when light-sensitive chemicals are subjected to light.

For many commercial photographers, they are more inclined to use digital cameras that offer convenience and faster delivery of images to customers. As a result, many consumers have gained the ability to quickly create and share their individual images with large audiences. This is why photographers working solo or those running small studios provide a range of services to stay competitive in the photography field. Such services include image retouching and services like CDs, prints, videos, and framing.

Today, social media and crowdsourcing have greatly impacted the photography business, especially news photography, as many companies now get ideas and contributions from various people rather than delegating the work to true field professionals.

SEO for the photography industry

SEO for photographers or even SEO for any business that leverages an online presence is an important topic. Unfortunately, SEO can be a complicated matter to discuss.

In essence, the goal of SEO photography is to achieve a top ranking on page 1 of Google and other search engines when a potential customer is searching for anything related to your photography service. For instance, your business specializes in birthday photos. So when a customer searches for ‘birthday photographer’ in Google, your site should be in ranked as close as possible to the number one position on page 1.

Google and Bing are aiming to deliver the best possible experience for their end-users. This means that when a user searches for something on the net, the search engine will provide the most accurate and relevant results. The same thing applies to your photography business. Using the same example before, if a user is looking for a birthday photographer near them, then Google and Bing won’t want to provide results for wedding photographers several miles away from you.

No matter how beautiful your photos are and how much hours you’ve spent on making your website perfect, those things won’t matter if you can’t get anyone to check them out. For photographers, SEO is one of the most important opportunities for bringing more traffic to your site. What your business needs is a consistent volume of traffic every month that yields reliable inquiries.

Again, SEO isn’t something anyone can master. In fact, there are lots of so-called SEO experts and agencies making promises to get your website ranked on top. Thankfully, there are also a great number of SEO companies and specialists that are truly reliable and trustworthy. And we, at Bob’s SEO are one of those respected SEO agencies.

Why is SEO beneficial to your photography company?

Many people are out there actively searching for your services. According to research, 93% of online activities start with a search engine. Moreover, those searchers are intent-based, which means that users are truly out there looking for services and solutions. Thus, SEO allows your business to be found within those searches by qualified traffic.

Organic traffic, which refers to those that come through search engines, is more likely to convert. Mainly because organic traffic usually carries the highest buying intent. In other words, even if you’re using other marketing channels like social media and paid traffic, but you’re neglecting your photography studio SEO, then your business could be missing out on many valuable prospects.

For many people, photography is important, and thus, is worthy of a big investment. While some companies can sustain on a referral system, the fact remains that your customer is more likely researching you online before going to you. Studies have shown that it requires several touchpoints with a potential customer to be considered a viable sales lead. By touchpoints, these are interactions between your company and a potential customer, whether online or offline. So if someone sees your photo or article on social media, finds your ad in a magazine, or sees your content in search results, these are all seen as touchpoints.

And one of the vital touchpoints in the customer’s process is making your website visible in search engine results while being able to deliver valuable content or answers to a prospect’s questions. The earlier you can connect with a potential customer in their research and buying journey, the easier you can develop trust and brand recognition, which are essential in earning customers. At Bob’s SEO, we can help your photography business gather as many touchpoints as possible.

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Holley Lenhoff
Holley Lenhoff
12:41 11 Sep 19
Bob has done so much for our business. I am very happy with the results we have gotten so far. Our last campaign had... great results, huge conversions and increased revenue. I recommend using this more
Salvatore Goodall
Salvatore Goodall
14:30 27 Aug 19
Bob has done a good job with my SEO campaign. He is very diligent and professional, and makes useful suggestions that... always moves my business forward. Thanks more
Kathern Konarik
Kathern Konarik
14:28 17 Jul 19
Bobs SEO helped me get to the top rankings and build my toy store clientele. I definitely would recommend him if your... looking to rank your website and build your business online. I really appreciate the extra time you have taken with me and my website. Thanks for your more
Dominque Geister
Dominque Geister
15:57 15 Jul 19
Having great ranking is only half the battle for our business. I had Rob and his team completely redesign our website... making it extremely appealing and very user friendly. Rob is extremely professional and a delightful to work with. We will continue to use Bob’s SEO for our online marketing more
Clair Peters
Clair Peters
14:35 12 Jul 19
I have waited this long before leaving a review as I wanted to watch to see if Bob’s method was sustainable. Yes. It... is. I have remained on first page for most of my keywords for over 3 months now for just a small SEO maintenance fee after our first initial campaign. The calls have been crazy, we have been super busy, sales are on the all-time high. I can’t gush enough. Thank you so much more
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