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Organic Backlinks Can Be a Challenge

Getting organic backlinks can be the toughest challenge a website owner faces, but it doesn’t have to be that difficult if you create content that is not only informative but also useful. The question I always get asked is “How do I get other sites to link to mine without having to chase after them?” The answer is simple. Provide the type of useful information that anyone in your market will use on a daily basis or is difficult to find anywhere else. If you start to pay attention to the sites you are visiting on a regular basis, or better yet, take a look through your own personal bookmarks, and look at what types of pages you have saved because you thought they were important enough that you might want to return to them in the future. Those pages will give you the biggest inspirations as to the types of content you should be made available on your own website to entice your visitors to not only bookmark them for later use but also share with their friends and web visitors. Most importantly, ask people to share it. Tell them that you really appreciate them passing the info along to others and give them the ability to easily post it to social sites by providing a “Like” or “Tweet” button right on the page. These are a few suggestions for content that attracts organic linking.

  1. Be the first to report news related to your market. If you do this on a consistent basis, your visitors will soon start linking to your site as a great source of information.
  2. Create a resource. Whether it be a tool or a list if it is useful to people they will place a link on their site to share it with others. Everyone wants to provide value to their visitors, by doing the grunt work yourself and offering it as a free resource, the other webmasters can benefit from your hard work.
  3. Contests. These can spread like wildfire. Hold a contest and send the word out to your visitors and subscribers. Get them to pass it along to others. You might even consider offering incentives for people who share it on Twitter or Facebook or create a blog post that includes the link.

These are just three examples of ways you can use your content to encourage people to place links on their websites. There are many more ways and you should put your thinking cap on to come up with other creative ways of creating very useful or valuable content for your visitors.


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