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Optimize your Website for Search Engines

Optimizing your website for the search engines is one of the best practices a business owner or a blogger could ever do to gain traffic. Gaining more visitors is your number one goal and can be obtained by setting up permalinks, choosing keywords, and even adding meta-tags. This in depth guide will show you how you can optimize your website without having to hire an SEO expert.

Another way to optimize your website for the search engines is by choosing the proper keywords. Let’s say you have a dog training website. Go ahead and use Google’s Keyword Research Tool to find the most searched keywords.

Try and find a keyword which is searched for more than 1,000 times a month with less than 30,000 competing websites.

Make sure that every article or picture is categorized on the website. For example, if you blog about daily life, you may want to add categories like home improvement, dating, coupons, and so forth. The search engines can easily detect your website by reading certain tags, categories, and key phrases so always remember this.

By default, WordPress will add your articles to certain tags. For example, if you create an article about gardening, you need to create 3 related tags. So, you could add garden, seed planting, or nature. What WordPress will do is create separate tags and add the same article under each of these tags, so ultimately – it has it’s own tag page with all of the articles.

Aside from this, there are many more ways to optimize your website for the search engines but these are some of the top practices you should use for any of your sites. Check out the SEO services that we provide.

Optimize Your Website