Online Advertising Trends To Watch Out For

Due to the never-ending updates of features and systems of various social media platforms, digital
marketers and business owners must be on a constant lookout for the latest industry trends. Aside
from the social media marketing strategies that will affect business, this year, you must also keep
an eye out for the four trends in online advertising.

The growing number of chatbots

Truthfully, chatbots have been existing for several years now. They were not playing an active
role in the digital advertising industry until major updates were released to make chatbots AI-
powered. As a result, many businesses are now developing their own chatbots and including
these in their marketing strategies. Having social media chatbots to cater to your customers can
improve your service quality because they answer to almost any inquiry about your products and
services. On top of that, they give answers almost immediately after you have sent a question,
contrary to sending emails. Today, most social media bots are being used for answering customer
inquiries and more than half of them are targeted for bot-customer interactions. Two years later,
chatbots have a higher potential of taking up 85% of customer service-related tasks.

Brand-influencer strategy

Lately, many businesses were found to be working with social media influencers, something
that isn’t much of a surprise because influencers are widely known for their prowess in online
advertising channels. One way to build your brand and attract more customers is thru a
partnership with influencers. If you have decided to pursue this kind of business relationship, as
a business owner, you must remember to establish and maintain a long-term relationship with
your influencers. Having a solid partnership with your influencers can drive customers to
associate their selves with your business.

Video is reigning

Together with the ever-changing environment of social media platforms, video-based content is
slowly gaining influence over text-based content and other marketing features. Video
materials are one of the major trends in online advertising with its various forms such as 360-
degree videos, live video streaming, and 1-minute information videos make it versatile when it
comes to marketing. Nevertheless, you must see to it that your video contents are working on
most if not all mobile devices considering the fact that most internet users now use mobile
phones as their primary tool for viewing videos.

Mini advertisements

Mini ads on social media platforms are increasing, as they are cost-effective and an easier means
of reaching out to customers. This kind of ad can pop out anytime whenever you are watching
Facebook and YouTube videos and usually run for as short as 10 to 15 seconds. Although
small ads are only limited for some brands, these can still be viewed as a chance to delve deeper
to the advertising and marketing creativity of brand promotions.

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