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Oklahoma, also often referred to as OKC, is the capital city of the U.S state of Oklahoma with an estimated 2018 population of 649,021. The name of the city was derived from Choctaw words “Okla” meaning people and “humma” meaning red. Thus, when directly translated, the name “Oklahoma” means “red people.” It was in 1910 that Oklahoma City officially became the state capital after a petition to move it from Guthrie gained sufficient support. Oklahoma's economy once used to be concentrated on government and energy exploration. However, in the present, it has expanded into other sectors including health services, information technology, and administration. OKC is also home to two Fortune 500 companies and one famous company listed among Forbes’ list of private companies.

FUN Fact: Oklahoma City has more shoreline than the total coasts of the Atlantic and Gulf.

What is search engine optimization or SEO services?

To put it simply, Oklahoma City SEO services are used to attract more customers to your business by ranking your website higher in Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines. The harsh reality is that most online users don’t look past the page one search result. Oftentimes, they don’t even look at the lower results as evidenced by the high number of clicks that the top three websites get. SEO, in contrast to its name, isn’t just about creating a website for search engines. It is also about creating a website for online users, which is what search engines also want. By ensuring that your site is in front of your consumers whenever they search for you and by verifying that your company offers what they need is how an SEO company delivers results for you.

Why do you need SEO?

Search engine optimization is everything, and many site owners have learned this the easy and hard way. When it comes to Oklahoma City SEO, you cannot wait too long because there may be no coming hack. When a user makes a query in a search engine, it sifts through its library of web pages and displays a search engine results page (SERP) with web pages ranked by popularity and relevance. In essence, the more relevant a result is, then the higher that page ranks. Similarly, the more people click on it, then the more traffic goes to that website.

Search engines have their set of algorithms that take into account over 200 hundred search signals. The main goal is to determine how well your site performs in the relevancy factor. After which, they rank your site partially by popularity, which refers to the number of websites linking to your site. Google, Yahoo, and Bing are the top sources of web traffic. By having more traffic from major search engines, your brand can enjoy a boost in online exposure, attract more customers, and generate more revenues. Therefore, it is important to invest in Oklahoma City SEO as it can give you an exceptional ROI compared to other marketing avenues.

Local SEO

Some small and medium-sized businesses, albeit successful in their ventures, are still not ready to compete with larger brands on a national scale. If this hits close to home, don’t worry because you can still grow your business by dominating your local market, which can be done through local search optimization. For instance, if you’re looking for Oklahoma City SEO firms, you don’t want search results showing various firms from Houston, Texas. This is where Google steps in. With Google’s algorithm, it can detect when queries and information are local to the user. And since Google favors local results, it is then essential to include local SEO on your site for your brand to be visible to your audience.

On-Page Oklahoma City SEO

Our team of SEO experts will meticulously research about your niche and perform extensive keyword research relevant to your main offerings. We will determine what users are searching for on the web and then cautiously optimize your website for these keywords. By properly integrating these important keywords into your page titles, headers, URLs, and meta descriptions, your site can send the right signals to search engines regarding the key content that you intend to rank for. Often, organic traffic can be the highest and best traffic that converts, and it’s crucial to leverage that by being strategic with your Oklahoma City SEO strategy. Ensuring that your site’s page titles are optimized properly and strategically is an essential part of any on-site SEO process.

Off-site SEO Oklahoma City

To secure your website’s visibility on search engines for the important keywords, you have to manage your social media signals and build links for your key content. When you establish an online footprint for your business, the search results will then reflect the depth and size of the footprint established. Online citation and top directory listings also have to be maintained properly. Our Oklahoma City SEO experts can ensure the consistency of your listings across all major directories. This way, you can positively impact your website’s search visibility.

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Seo Process

Keyword Research

How do we go about choosing the keywords/phrases?

  • Keyword research is one of the first things we do when starting your SEO campaign.
  • Selecting the proper search terms to target and rank for is one of the most important steps in the SEO process.
  • We find the best volume search phrases with the highest buyer intent and conversion chance.

Site Architechture

  • It is vital to have a properly designed website. Google must be able to easily crawl and index all pages of your site.
  • Proper internal linking structure is an often overlooked ranking signal and should not be ignored.

Social Media

  • Social media has become not only a necessity for your business but also a significant ranking factor where SEO is concerned.
  • We send Google the right social signals so that they will give your business the recognition it deserves.

User Experience

Two very important things to keep in mind:

  1. You should strive for a good user experience for every website visitor that lands on your web page.
  2. The longer a visitor stays on your site the better chance that you will convert them into a possible sale.

Monthly Reports

Comprehensive monthly ranking reports that show what position each campaign keyword is in the search results. Intuitive bar graphs that reveal the daily ranking position over a given time frame for every targeted search term.

On Page Seo

On Page SEO includes all of the ranking factors associated with the actual code of the website URL (or page) you are trying to rank. A few examples are title, headline (H1), subheading (H2), age of page, age of domain, page speed, content length, URL length, and many more.

Off Page Seo

Off Page SEO refers to all of the ranking signals that occur "off page" (NOT included within the website code). Some examples are PR distribution, blog posting, bookmarking, articles submission, authority backlink building, social metrics, content sharing and many more.

Page Speed

Website speed can not be overstated in its importance when it comes to ranking in the search results. Not only does a fast loading site rank higher, but it also provides a better user experience.

Seo Services


Are you on the first page for your targeted, money search terms?

I have over 20 years experience in search engine optimization. I'm always testing and keeping up with the latest algorithmic changes and ranking techniques. Give me a call if you are ready to get serious about your online presence.


Reputation Management

Do your website visitors like what they see when searching you or your business, brand?

Your potential customers are very likely checking your online reputation and reviews while deciding which company to choose to do business with in your industry. 


Web Design

How professional does your current website look?

We design appealing, search engine friendly websites for our clients keeping UX in mind. Not only do they look great but they convert more sales for your business. First impressions are everything online. 


Social Media

Are you satisfied with your brands' current social presence?

Having a strong social presence is a necessity if you're serious about selling your products or services on the internet. It is an established fact that social media marketing plays a vital part in search engine ranking.


Content Marketing

Does your website have engaging, informative content?

It has been said that content is "King" when it comes to SEO. We optimize your existing content and establish KPI's. We create new, engaging articles and posts that search engines love.


Local Maps Seo

Is your brand mentioned and cited from industry and geo relevant websites?

We create citations along with brand mentions and local authority backlinks. We optimize your Google My Business listing, and ensure your NAP (name, address, phone) are consistent across the web.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is the process of ranking your website higher in the search results for your targeted search terms.

How long does it take to rank?

It really depends on quite a few factors. Things like the age of your website, how competitive (or not) of an industry you are in, site architecture, website speed, authority of your domain, authority of your ranking page, social presence, and more.

Why hire an SEO company?

If you want to save money, time and avoid a possible disaster by getting a penalty then hiring a professional SEO is the only way to go.

What's the difference between SEO and SEM?

SEO deals with only organic search engine results. SEM stands for search engine marketing and encompasses any paid advertising in the search results.

How much does SEO cost?

This depends primarily on the level of competition of the industry you are in. Your monthly investment will vary greatly between the least competitive to most competitive industries.

What makes you different from other firms?

The biggest difference between Bobs SEO and the majority of other digital marketing firms is the level of personal service I provide. Unlike some other larger agencies, I'm the only one you will be dealing with.


“Bob helped my studio get to the number 1 spot for most of my campaign keywords.”


“My product sales are up and our leads are climbing in number by the day. I attribute much of this progress to Bobs SEO.”


“The best marketing campaign I ever invested in.”