Off Page SEO

Off-page SEO, otherwise known as off-site SEO, involves the strategies implemented outside your website to boost your search result rankings, site traffic, brand awareness, sales, and revenue. Since off-page SEO is about building credibility–which then influences ranking–you cannot force users to see your brand as a credible one without risking being considered as scammy. So, how can you use off-site SEO methods to naturally improve your credibility? Partnering with the right SEO company is the easiest way to do this.

Why off-page SEO matters

Off-page SEO activities affect your site’s rankings. If two websites use the same on-page SEO methods, off-page SEO signals can help distinguish which site ranks better in search results. Search engines use off-page SEO factors such as the quality and number of backlinks the site has as metrics. If site A has more backlinks from relevant and reputable sources, while site B doesn’t have a single online mention, naturally, site A that has more backlinks and better online credibility will rank better. Through various on-page and off-page SEO factors, Google and other search engines can determine the value and relevance of a web page to searchers’ queries and provide relevant results accordingly. With that in mind, let’s discuss the four off-page SEO strategies that will boost your brand awareness

Backlinking is the most commonly used technique of off-page SEO as it aims to earn natural links for your page. Generated natural links can be done by creating and promoting your content, engaging with your target audience across several social media platforms and in your community, encouraging reviews, and acquiring mentions from influencers. Having reputable websites linking back to your website provides two huge benefits. First off, it drives traffic to your site, and second, it helps determine your rank. Links enhance your website’s user experience. With links, users can easily navigate to other web pages and find the information they need on your site.


Blogging is a great way to generate linkable content for your business. Blogs are the ultimate place on the internet that have a regular stream of long-form content. Through your blog, your audience can leave comments and share your content. As such, it will be easier for your brand to get noticed, all the while helping you generate natural links and earn brand mentions. Moreover, if you can continuously publish new posts, your brand will be seen as a knowledgeable leader in your niche. In other words, it will be your site or blog that the audience will seek first for information about recent trends and updates, informational articles, how-to-guides, and many more. Suffice it to say, blogging is an effective way of generating customer loyalty.

Social media marketing

Let’s get one thing straight first–social media links don’t impact your rankings. That said, social media platforms remain to be some of the best places on the internet to build awareness for your brand. Brands that have established a solid social media presence come off as more approachable and open, which is something that’s increasingly becoming essential nowadays for businesses. If your brand isn’t as approachable as it should be, it will be seen as abrasive. Also, its trustworthiness can be questioned if the audience can’t easily access information about your company.

So rather than having an aloof vibe, your brand should be something akin to a friendly neighborhood store that everyone can always count on. You can do this by regularly interacting on social media sites so people can see that you’re always active and ready to cater to their needs and queries. Also, running a blog where you can get a feel of your audience can immensely help you in improving your brand’s flair.

Influencer marketing

Can off-page SEO impact online opinions? Due to the emphasis on links as a way to accomplish off-page SEO, many people tend to believe that acquiring links is the ultimate goal of off-site SEO. Truth is, the real goal is to improve your ranking so the target audience can find, reach out, and buy from you. Off-page SEO will bring in positive brand engagement, be it via social media, links, brand mentions, or reviews.

Off-Page SEO can be quite a feat, mainly because those strategies are beyond your control and you’ll have to be careful of being considered as a brand that practices black-hat SEO. Using black-hat SEO is the sure-fire and fastest way to screw up your brand’s credibility. And since you don’t have the same control over your off-page SEO, unlike the on-page SEO side of your site, all you can do for the meanwhile is to wait and hope that the audience response is positive. Reaching out to influencers is also an excellent way to approach off-page SEO. Having someone reputable to endorse your brand will surely boost your audience’s trust.


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