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If you find yourself searching for articles online on what to expect from a monthly SEO report, odds are, you’ve had reports before that provided little to no value. Even after reading carefully the entire content, you were just left with more questions instead of answers. Generally, an ideal monthly report should discuss upfront the key performance indicator and reporting requirements. Otherwise, you’re just giving your SEO agency an excuse to send whatever things they’ve decided themselves.

In this article, we tackle the things clients can expect from their monthly SEO reports. By understanding how to spot right on a low-quality report masked with pretty pie charts, bar graphs, and branding, you can save your company hundreds to thousands of bucks.

But first off, what’s a monthly SEO report?

Before giving you a rundown on what factors or SEO elements a good monthly SEO report should cover, let’s first digest what a monthly SEO report is. In a nutshell, this report provides clients an overview of your website’s performance in search engines. Domain metrics like organic traffic, rankings, and more are typically the primary focus of monthly reports.

When you have a monthly update, you can then get a better idea of the amount of work your SEO agency has been doing for your site. Your SEO company should be able to show you your site’s backlinks, ranking performance, organic traffic progress, etc. Simply put, a monthly SEO report aids you in analyzing the performance of your site’s SEO strategies. This is essential because you won’t have any means of knowing what your agency has been doing to your site. Monthly SEO reports let you monitor their work and how your money is being spent on SEO services.

Now, what goes into a monthly SEO report?

Below is a review of some of the essential things your SEO expert or agency should include in their monthly SEO reports for your business. Some firms may add more sections or customize it as per their own data.

Report summary

Figures, charts, and jargons are some of the things that can be overwhelming to many non-SEO and non-marketing people. As such, your outsourced company should be able to help you understand their report by providing you an overview of the report content. This can be done by listing down the key points using a language that can be understood by everyone. A summary of essential points like KPIs measures taken and project goals is crucial.

Traffic overview

Knowing where your site traffic is coming from should be one of the first things you must learn from your monthly SEO report. A list of channels that are directing visitors to your site has to be included in the report. Sources of traffic can be from direct traffic, organic search, paid search, and referrals. A comparison of the performance of each channel is also a great thing to include so you can understand better which channels are giving the most value to your site.

Keyword rankings

You want to know where your site stands in search engine results. Your monthly report should then identify which keywords your site is ranking for and where your agency is ranking for each keyword. Keyword rankings are solid indicators of how well or bad your strategies are doing and what improvements your site is having. At this part, your SEO expert may even find keywords that your site isn’t targeting but already ranking for.

Click-through rate

Yes, getting a number one ranking in search engine results is important. However, ranking alone isn’t the ultimate defining factor of your website performance. As clients, driving clicks to your links in search engine results should be a given. Thus, your monthly report should encompass an overview of the number of clicks for every keyword you’re ranking. This will give you a bigger and clearer idea of which keywords are generating the best results.

Your backlink profile is another crucial element that must be shown in the monthly SEO report. We all know that backlinks are a critical ranking factor. As such, you should have a clear grasp of which sites are linking to yours. A backlinks profile goes beyond just the number of backlinks. To take things up a notch, your SEO company might list down the top authority sites that are linking to yours and hopefully do some reaching out to those sites to persuade them for more organic backlinks.

Likewise, they can also reach out to owners of low authority sites that are linking to yours. But if they won’t permit the removal of links, your SEO team should be able to disavow the bad links themselves to remarkably improve your site credibility


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