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Most website owners know by now that designing a website for a desktop user won’t work as well for mobile users. The screen limitation is a key difference, and so is the lack of a mouse for mobile users. And that means you really need to think about SEO services.

Mobile Compatible

There was a time when mobile users were an insignificant niche market, but that time is in the past. Now, some experts estimate that mobile devices are currently the most commonly used devices to access the web, and others believe that this will happen soon. The volume of local search engine queries is projected to surpass desktop local search in a year or two. That means Las Vegas search engine optimization practices will have to adapt. The nature of mobile search is also very different from desktop search. People who use their mobile phones while on the go are especially motivated to do something right then and there, which is why they’re not waiting to go home to browse the net. They want to buy something or find out about something immediately. One 2012 survey found that 90% of all mobile searches result in some action, and 70% of all mobile searches result in some action within the hour. More than half of those led to purchases.

Designing Your Website

Since you can’t afford to not cater to mobile users, you now have several options.

  • You can have a mobile version of your website with a different URL for your desktop website. This means you’re running two different websites.
  • You can use dynamic serving. This means you have the same URL for both desktop and mobile, but you let the user choose which version to access. You then have a different web page for mobile users. With a single URL, you make it easier for people to share your link with others. But redirection based on the user’s choices can lead to mistakes.
  • Responsive design is also popular. With this type of web design, the website rearranges itself depending on what device the user is viewing it on.

SEO Services Tips

Here are some SEO services tips to keep in mind:

  • Speed is essential. Your pages must load quickly, because mobile users are notoriously more impatient than desktop users.
  • Make sure that the buttons and navigation keys are easily accessible. This is crucial for mobile users, who don’t have a mouse to help them go through your website.
  • Present the needed info in basic form. Essentially, you want to cut to the chase and present what the mobile users need. For example, when a user searches for baseball game results, you just show the scores. You don’t present images and videos right away.

It’s the same thing if you’re a shop or a restaurant. Often, the user just wants the address, map, or phone number. They don’t want a full description of the product details or the menu.

  • Get your business listed in directories that mobile users frequent. This includes Yelp which Siri searches, and TripAdvisor.

Mobile search is another way to widen your current customer base. Take advantage of mobile searchers with the help of an SEO pro, because your competitors are probably already doing just that.

Mobile SEO Services