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Minneapolis is a decent-sized metropolitan area in the United States and yet, it is also the largest city in the state of Minnesota with an estimated population of 422,331. The city is located on both banks of the Mississippi River and Minnesota River. It is rich in water resources, consisting of 13 lakes, the Mississippi River, creeks, wetlands, and waterfalls. Minneapolis is known for its strong music and performing arts scenes, which caused it to become a home to both the award-winning Guthrie Theater and the historic First Avenue nightclub.

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In addition, the city is the center of funk, folk, and alternative rock music. In fact, Minneapolis served as the launching pad for numerous 20th century’s most influential musicians like Prince and Bob Dylan.

As for the city’s name, it was attributed to its first schoolmaster, Charles Hoag. He used the word ‘mini’—a Dakota Sioux term for water—and ‘polis,’ which is the Greek word for city, and came up with the name “Minneapolis.”

Just like any area in the southern part of the Upper Midwest, Minneapolis has a typical hot-summer humid continental climate zone. On the contrary, when it snows there, the city becomes engulfed in a very cold and snowy winter. As for the things you can do in Minneapolis, there are plenty of them depending on the type of ‘scenery lover’ you are.

For nature lovers, they have astounding destinations like Lake Calhoun, Grand Rounds Scenic Byway, Minneapolis Sculpture Garden Duluth-North Store, and so much more. They also have zoos, museums, amusement parks, and gardens that work best with family outings.

Home to top-tier Minneapolis SEO services

Only the best Minneapolis SEO agencies can help local and global businesses get more traffic, leads, and sales. With an SEO company like ours, we are careful in examining businesses in order to ensure that we use only the right combination of methods and strategies to generate the
best results.

As a home to a couple of prominent Fortune 500 companies including Target, U.S. Bancorp, Ameriprise Financial, Xcel Energy, and Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, Minneapolis is a booming place for businesses.

Along with other companies in the city—be it small, medium-sized or large—, one of the main contributors to their success is search engine optimization (SEO).

In Minneapolis, an ideal SEO company is one that excels in effectively implementing SEO
services in order to boost the online visibility and reputation of a business.

Thus, it is important for you to use the best and most relevant resources available to meet the SEO needs of your company.

Recent Client Success

3 common Minneapolis SEO resources to choose from

  • SEO software – The kind of software that automates certain Minneapolis SEO services that you can use to perform SEO activities like keyword research and evaluation of target keywords in terms of your competition.
  • In-house team – An internal marketing and/or SEO team that is dedicated to performing
  • Digital marketing, SEO activities like content marketing

SEO company – These are SEO companies that are experts in their field and have the skills, knowledge, and experience to develop an SEO program that is specifically designed to improve a company’s search visibility.

#1 Ranking SEO Consultant

Both in-house team and software have notable benefits, especially the cost since they are usually less expensive than hiring a Minneapolis SEO agency. Having said that, there’s no hiding the truth about the numerous benefits of hiring an SEO service provider. SEO firms have the industry knowledge and technical expertise that they use to optimize your site for search rankings.

However, in order for you to maximize the full potential value of an SEO partner, it is imperative to find the right Minneapolis SEO consultant to partner with.

Tips to help you choose the right Minneapolis SEO Company

The process of finding and collaborating with the right SEO company for your business requires
diligent research and an understanding of the true needs of your business. In most cases, you can
easily figure out whether an SEO company deserves a phone call and possibly, a contract signing, or if it is a ‘no good’ company by reading company reviews, website content, and case studies.

Nevertheless, to help you narrow down your search and guide you in looking for the right Minneapolis SEO expert to shake hands with, here are some tips that you can follow.

Establish an SEO budget

Uh, first things first, folks! Before you get completely invested and engrossed in a service that is out of your financial capacity, don’t forget to develop an SEO budget beforehand. It is best to ask around about package deals and price ranges when it comes to SEO budget early on in order to gauge if the service is within your budget. A good Minneapolis SEO company can offer you various monthly package deals that you can choose from to make things easier for you.

The thing is, in determining the cost of your business’s SEO services, there are actually plenty of factors you have to consider. For example, if your site is outdated, then naturally, your SEO
agency will have to perform a website redesign to get your business to start ranking for target keywords.

Needless to say, including technical services like this can increase the price of your SEO agencies, however, will eventually prove to be worthy when the time comes.

Clearly define your company goals

Before you go and find the best Minneapolis SEO service providers, you have to determine first the role of SEO in your business strategy. Simply put, you need to define your business and marketing goals so that you can decide how these can shape the direction of your SEO strategy.

For instance, if one of your main concerns is to enhance your branding, then you can approach SEO in a way that you can use it to improve the branding of your company.

Make sure to communicate this goal and your other concerns to your Minneapolis SEO expert.

Just remember that the more specific your approach is, the better chance you have of attaining that goal. Since they are experts in the field, SEO companies should be able to develop a strategy that will maximize the potential and objectives of your business.

Gather SEO company reviews and testimonials

If you want to truly know about the previous performance of a Minneapolis SEO agency, then the best way to do this is to read customer reviews. This way, you can get unbiased opinions about the company. Reading through their online reviews and testimonials will give you a clearer picture of whether you can partner with them or move on to the next. You can usually find these
reviews on their company’s site or on other review platforms like Google and Yelp.

Another way is to request a reference from an SEO company. A reputable agency should be able to get you in touch with one of their current client. In doing so, you can gather valuable
information about the client’s own experience and level of satisfaction with regard to the SEO company’s services.

Schedule a consultation with a Minneapolis SEO agency

Whether you’re just a few blocks away from the SEO firm or thousands of miles across it, it is best to have a consultation first. Most SEO experts and consultants will gladly pull up some research on your industry and give you a walkthrough of some of the practices and strategies they have used on their previous clients. A consultation will help you get a feel for the type of person your potential Minneapolis SEO consultant is and other people on the team as well as
their level of creativity and passion for work.

It is essential to establish a trustworthy and good working relationship with your Minneapolis
SEO expert and agency, as a whole. Use this opportunity as the first step in determining how well you connect. Do they have a good attitude? Can you understand the way they explain
things? Do they seem passionate about their job? Consultation time is the time to throw specific questions their way. Don’t hesitate!

3 Surprising Facts About Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Minneapolis Skyways is the longest continuous skyway system in the world, which stretches to 69 downtown blocks.

As a way to help immigrants prepare for their citizenship tests, several of the streets in the North East region of Minneapolis is named after US Presidents, following the order that they served.

St. Anthony Falls of Minneapolis is the only real waterfall on the entire Mississippi River.

Affordable Strategies That Bring Results

#1 Ranking SEO

On average, you will save money working with experienced SEO gurus like Bobs SEO. But that doesn’t mean you are getting less for your investment – in fact; it’s just the opposite. We only use time-tested, proven techniques that will get you ranked higher and get you more qualified, targeted visitors. This, of course, brings you more customers and sales. We live and breathe SEO and digital marketing. We have the experience and expertise to get your brand and website to the top of search results just as we have done for many current, as well as, past clients.

The Right Decision For Your Business

Bobs SEO utilizes ethical, powerful online marketing strategies that stand the test of time. By partnering with us, you have everything to gain, and you can relax and sleep well knowing that you made the right decision.

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Bobs SEO has been published online on many highly regarded websites like The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Business.com, Inc., among many others.

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It is a well-known fact in SEO circles that there are at least 200 factors when it comes to ranking your website organically through the use of search engine optimization. I have over two decades of experience in SEO and internet marketing. Listed below are ranking factors that I consider to be some of the most important – included with each Bobs SEO campaign.

Keyword research

Selecting the proper search terms to target and rank for is one of the most important steps in the “researching keywords” process. We find the best search phrases with the highest buyer intent and chance of a conversion.

Website Architecture

It is vital to have a properly structured website. Google must be able to easily crawl and index all pages of your site. Proper internal linking structure is an often overlooked ranking signal and should not be ignored.

social presence

Social media has become not only a necessity for your business but also a significant ranking factor where Anaheim SEO is concerned. We send Google the right social signals so that they will give your business the recognition it deserves.

user experience

You should strive for a good user experience for every website visitor who lands on your web page. The longer a visitor stays on your site the better chance that you will convert them into a possible sale.

monthly reports

Not a ranking factor but important nonetheless. Comprehensive, intuitive monthly ranking reports that reveal the daily ranking position over a given time frame for every targeted search term.

on-page SEO

Includes all of the ranking factors associated with the actual code of the website URL (or page) you are trying to rank. Examples are title, headline (H1), subheading (H2), page load speed, content length, URL length, and more.

off-page SEO

Refers to all of the ranking signals that occur “off-page” (NOT included within the website code). Examples are PR distribution, blog posting, bookmarking, article submission, authority backlink building, social sharing, and more.

website page speed

Website speed can not be overstated in its importance when it comes to ranking in the search results. Not only does a fast-loading site rank higher, but it also provides a better visitor experience.

web core vitals

A new set of factors Google considers important as it relates to user experience interaction and page speed metrics. Rolling out an update sometime in May or June 2021.

Our minneapolis SEO services

Bobs SEO provides ethical SEO services that have stood the test of time – 23 years to be exact. Our methods are powerful and proven to rank your website at the top of the search results pages. These are the SEO services we provide to Minneapolis businesses as well as several national brands we work with.


Are you on the first page for your targeted, money search terms?

I have over two decades of experience in search engine optimization for local companies.

I’m always testing and keeping up with the latest algorithmic changes and ranking techniques when it comes to an effective SEO strategy. Call me when you are ready to get serious about your online presence.

Cloud Hosting

How fast do your website pages load?

Up-time and speed are two critical components of website hosting where search engine marketing is concerned. 

Once you become a client we get your website hosted on a top cloud server such as Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, or similar. With near 100% uptime and a blazing fast site, your rankings are guaranteed to improve.

Web Design

How professional does your current website look?

We design appealing, search engine-friendly websites for our Anaheim, California clients keeping UX in mind. 

Not only do they look great but they convert more sales for your business – and rank highly in search results. First impressions are everything online.

Social Media

Are you satisfied with your brands’ current social presence?

Having a strong social presence is a necessity if you’re serious about selling your products or services on the internet. 

It is an established fact that social media marketing plays a vital part in search engine ranking.

Content Marketing

Does your website have engaging, informative content?

It has been said that content is “King” when it comes to SEO. 

Also, we tweak your existing content and establish KPIs. We create new, engaging articles and posts that search engines love.

Local SEO

Is your brand mentioned and cited from industry and geo-relevant websites?

We create citations along with brand mentions and local Anaheim authority backlinks. 

We also optimize your Google My Business listing and ensure your NAP (name, address, phone) is consistent across the web.

REMEMBER: You’re not just a client – you’re a partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO?

SEO is the process of ranking your website higher in the search results for your targeted search term.

Why should I hire an SEO company?

If you want to save money, time and avoid a possible disaster (by getting a penalty) then hiring an experienced, professional SEO expert is the best choice.

How much does SEO cost?

This depends primarily on the level of competition of the industry you are in. Your monthly investment can vary greatly from the least competitive to most competitive industries. If you want high ROI and great results contact us today!

What is the difference between SEO and SEM?

SEO deals with only organic search engine results. SEM stands for search engine marketing and encompasses any paid advertising in the search results. Like highly targeted, qualified leads? Give us a call.

How long does it take to rank?

It really depends on quite a few factors. Things like the age of your website, how competitive (or not) of an industry you are in, site architecture, website speed, authority of your domain, authority of your ranking page, social presence, and more.

What makes you different from other SEO companies?

The biggest difference between Bobs SEO and the majority of other Minneapolis-based digital marketing firms is the higher level of personal service I provide. Unlike some other larger agencies, I’m the only one you will be dealing with.

client testimonials

“Bob was a pivotal figure in my life. In only a few years, I went from a struggling small firm to making a healthy profit and selling the company. This was largely due to Bob and his abilities. He’s a dream to work with and always responds quickly. He’s evolved into more than simply a contractor; he’s become a great friend. I have no reservations whatsoever in recommending Bobs SEO.”

– Anne G

“We own and operate a financial consulting firm here in Vegas.” Bob has greatly aided us in increasing our web visibility. As a result, our sales have been steadily increasing since we began working with him and his digital marketing firm over 7 years ago (and counting). If you get the opportunity to work with him, I strongly advise you to do so. He is, without a doubt, a top SEO consultant in Las Vegas.”

– A. Brumbaugh

“I rarely write reviews, but I believe this one is warranted. We are overjoyed that one of our colleagues suggested we contact Bobs SEO for assistance with our digital marketing efforts. We already had an internet presence, but we wanted to step it up a notch. We have a health supplement e-commerce store (highly competitive). Within the first 60 days, Bob adopted his SEO techniques, which raised our product sales by 30% by month four. Since then, our organic reach has steadily increased – we are currently in our second year of employing his SEO services.”

– Marty Anderson

“Bob is the best SEO expert in Las Vegas, hands down.” Others talk a good game but don’t always deliver — Bob is the real deal. For most of my search phrases, I started on page 4 or 5, and now I’m at the top of page 1 for the majority of the essential ones. My practice has grown, and we’ve had to hire more people to handle the new business that Bob and his team have brought us. He is your man if you need a search engine optimization professional in Las Vegas.”

– Debi Carlton

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