MGID Fake, Fraudulent, Bot Traffic

If you are an advertiser I highly recommend that you stay away from this MGID company.

Their so-called “traffic” is not real. It is either generated from a bot or by some other fraudulent means.

Just shy of 500 “clicks” and not even a single (not one) conversion! We are not talking about a sale conversion, only a simple form conversion.

Let me tell you something, I have been earning online for well over two decades and I can tell you
that these MGID ass hats are stealing your money if you give them your advertising dollars.

I can only assume that any positive reviews you see online are more than likely just shills for their
company – in other words FAKE (just like their traffic).

Still no conversions – after nearly 1,000 clicks!

This is getting comical…

And no answer from Bogdan about my question.

MGID is such a fraudulent, scamming company. I wonder just how much money they
steal from advertisers that don’t know any better?

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