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The use of descriptive meta tags is often required by search engines. I believe if you are going to insert meta tags into your page code then they have to be full monty, no half measures. If you own the website and all is above board then why hide critical information that the search engine can utilize to enhance your site’s performance at the search engine rankings board.

What I do know is this. At some point, Google got really tired of people using the keywords meta tag to spam their search results, and they all but eradicated its use. There was a time even rather recently (comparatively speaking) that they had an impact on Yahoo!, but those days are gone as well; what with Yahoo! being powered by Bing now.

In many results, the Meta description will appear on the results page right under the title. The only caveat to remember is that your META description will only show if the search term is in the META description. Try to keep the title brief so it is not cut off in the results, it is best practice if you keep the description under 200 characters. Your description contains your important key phrase and keywords. Place your description in the opening paragraph, if you do this the description is weighted heavier by search engines. Sometimes even Google picks up description tags. Make sure that the title and description are crafted neatly and attract both visitors and search engines.

Google isn’t the only fish in the pond, of course, there are many other major SEs. Most of them will use meta tags in some way but won’t allow them to have much significance in the search ranking. For this fact alone it will not hurt to have an acceptable list of keywords in your meta tag as a backup precaution. But with all of this being said if you wanted to leave them out completely, go for it. There are several other Las Vegas SEO techniques that are incomparably more important that should be given more attention.

Meta Keywords and meta description tags used to be considered by search engines as part of the ranking criteria. It is this fact that has caused much of the current controversy. I believe it was around 2004 when these were dropped from the ranking algorithm criterion.

Write your website copy with your visitors in mind. Sprinkle keywords throughout it with links that take people to other pages of your website. Make sure all of your pages have titles. Add new relevant content over time – articles or blogs are very effective. If you follow these simple steps, you will see your rankings improving and your visitors sticking around to read your great content. More qualified, happy visitors means more sales and more revenue for your business.

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We work with local Las Vegas area businesses as well as national franchises and larger corporations in developing their brand and web presence. We understand that cost is an important factor in the decision-making process when determining which online marketing agency you select to increase your website visibility. We take pride in the fact that we are competent enough to deliver results that exceed most larger Las Vegas SEO agencies but at a much lower monthly investment. This is what gives our clients a much higher return on investment (ROI).

If you own a website, then you probably know the value of organic traffic to gain visibility. You can have the best website on the World Wide Web, full of information and services for potential customers, but what purpose does it serve if people don’t even know it exists? The way to get quality, potential customers to your website is to position it on the first page of Google. The higher up in the search results, the better. To make that happen, you need organic search engine optimization, plain and simple.

No matter what product or “products” you sell, you need great content. As an example SEO companies like Bobs SEO use data and tools in strategic ways that motivate your audience of users to take action. There are a lot of questions (and more things) that make up a solid, social media strategy in order for it to be considered a success.

Do you have questions about the features or benefits of our campaigns? We can provide you with the best options and examples of brands we have had the most success and partnered with.

Are your needs more leads and sales from your store or business website? Our proprietary platform tool combined with our experienced team and resources will get your phone ringing.

The most effective digital marketing involves much more than simply writing blog posts, buying media ads or updating Facebook and Instagram. Once you place an order for one of our campaigns our team will begin working on your account.

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You need a capable Las Vegas SEO professional to tweak and configure your website so that it will rank high in search engine results (SERPs). This is what will bring your business more sales and profits. It can be a frustrating feeling when your beautiful website can’t move up past the 3rd or 4th page and yet, your competition has an ugly website taking all of your business because it’s ranking on page one. Fortunately for you, we are here to help. We will get your brand and website ranking above your competitors so that you will be the market leader in your industry.

We Deliver While Others Don’t (Or Can’t)

With some Las Vegas SEO agencies, what you’ll hear are big promises and unrealistic expectations. You end up paying thousands of dollars believing that they’ll be able to deliver. Unfortunately, what usually happens is that eventually, you end up in the same (or worse) position you were in BEFORE you hired them in the first place! With BobsSEO you’ll never have to worry about this. Once you commit to us, we commit to you. We pride ourselves on delivering on our word, and your expectations, and we’re not satisfied until you are.

REMEMBER: You’re not just a client – you’re a partner.

Affordable SEO Strategies That Bring Results

On average, you will save money working with a Las Vegas SEO like us. But that doesn’t mean you are getting less for your investment – in fact, it’s just the opposite. We only use time-tested, proven techniques that will get you ranked higher and get you more qualified, targeted visitors. This, of course, brings you more customers and sales. We live and breathe internet marketing and organic optimization, and have the experience and expertise to get your brand and website to the top of search results. Just as we have done for many current, as well as, past clients.

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We use ethical, powerful search engine optimization strategies that stand the test of time. By partnering with us, you have everything to gain, and you can relax and sleep well knowing that you made the right decision.

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