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Local Business SEO

No matter how great your website for your business may look, without visitors it’s worthless. Traffic is the key to a successful website. You need customers, people to see what you have and who are already looking for it (targeted traffic). You want your business to have as much visibility as possible.

But if your website DOES get good traffic, especially free traffic, then you have a money-making website. It also cuts your advertising spending while boosting your bottom line.

So how is it that you can accomplish all this?

One of the most effective ways is through SEO (search engine optimization). This is where you design your site in a specific way utilizing your keywords throughout to get the search engines to rank you on the first page of their results for your keywords.

What can this mean for your business?

Local Business SEO Example

Let’s think of an example, like say, a plumber in Oakland, California. Whenever someone is looking for a local plumber who lives in Oakland, California, they will type in the term “plumber in Oakland, California”. Then if it was Google they used, then Google would send them to the most relevant information about those keywords.

If your plumber’s business website was there on the first page of the results, then those people would be visiting your website for free. This is the best traffic because it is ‘targeted’ to what your business is. More potential customers means more potential sales.

The best thing about having a local business rather than one trying to reach worldwide is because this type of SEO is a lot simpler to do. You can do this yourself without having to hire it done.

3 key tips for improving your local business ranking

Here are 3 local business SEO tips

  1. Do thorough keyword research
  2. Choose yourself a keyword-rich domain name
  3. Use URLs that include your keywords and are search engine friendly

Other ways to optimize your local business website

Another good form of localized SEO is article marketing. Write good quality SEO content for your company website. Then write additional articles with your keywords and submit them to top article directories like and Post some on blogs that are relevant to your business and posting comments on Forums helps with getting backlinks, which also are a part of SEO. It won’t be long before you’ll see more traffic coming to your site. Local business SEO services are very effective, and it’s necessary for competing in practically any industry.

This type of SEO doesn’t take long and pays for itself time and time again. However, if you would like a hire a professional SEO company like Bobs SEO then take a look at the different types of local business SEO plans we offer.

Local Business SEO