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Las Vegas Events December 2021

Winter months typically see low temps in December in Las Vegas but temperatures are not affected much in November. National Finals Rodeo is each December in Las Vegas since 1985. Christmas decorations go on December 1 and last until January 2 in December. Winter Solstice in Vegas comes in December, which means that daylight hours are shorter at this time of the year. There are lots of kids’ activities and family things on Christmas day. Vegas is a 24-hour town and most of the best action takes place following sunset. The Winter Solstice will be in Vegas this month and there are no daylight hours to see.

What to do in Las Vegas in December

This post presents fun activities that are possible all during the month including free, fun for the whole family, and fun night activities. If you are looking for any more ideas or want to conserve some money, consider the following alternatives. The pandemic has not caused any significant changes to the Las Vegas area to worry about so there are plenty of choices to choose from the list of activities to spend some time on during the holidays to try and fin.

Things to do in Las Vegas in December 2021 – Shows, Events

Las Vegas shows in November 2024 include acts like Katy Perry and Usher. The visiting standing comedians are also Ray Romano and Ron White. Also, you have plenty of events happening in the future such as concerts, acts, and shows!
Las Vegas Shows December 2021

Find all Las Vegas show and event schedules for December 2021. Xavier Mortimer’s Magic, Extravaganza, Jabbawockeez Black Magic Live, “KA’s” And “O” Show, Beatles “Love”, Myth. Some of the biggest nights of Las Vegas in November.

December shows

This synchronized swimming event will be held on a 1.25 million gallon pool of water surrounding a 1.5 million square foot… Prices are: $180 Blue Man Group’s critically acclaimed show has been called “visually stunning”, “wildly inventive,” and “hysterically funny” Maroon 5 are getting ready for showcasing their Leather Jacket. Don’t miss the undisputed King Of The Country at a concert, George Strait is positively exuding the type of charisma associated with the consummate performers of the previous. What’s up with Jeff Dunham’s new single Really!? Tour.

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