Las Vegas SEO Marketing Traffic Methods

Have you tried attracting more visitors to your website and yet the basic traffic sources are not giving you your desired results? If so, then today must be the day to advance your efforts to a higher level. Below are four BobsSEO methods that will draw in traffic to your site.

Content marketing

Content marketing caters to several marketing components that focus on promoting your products and services and these include articles, blog posts, e-books, case studies, white papers, and even audio or video productions. Content marketing can generate thrice as many leads as traditional marketing does. What’s more, it costs much lesser than the latter. The key to successful content marketing is putting value on whatever you create. If you’re unsure of how to provide value with content marketing, ask your customers what kind of content will benefit them. Offer the right content to the users in an engaging way thru the widely used channels and make sure to publish new posts regularly.

Influencer marketing campaigns

Influencer marketing is the use of influential people in order to put out your business and brand to a larger customer base. Instead of targeting directly a new market, you will pay influencers to promote your products. Social media influencers are known for successfully marketing various products and services. In fact, the customers picked up through this channel are significantly higher than those acquired through other methods. If you pair up this approach with a strong content strategy, then even TV and Facebook ads pale in comparison.

IP-specific advertising

IP-specific advertising thru geo-targeting is a strategy that determines the geographical location of a certain website visitor and then provides different content to that visitor according to his/her location. The location is broken down into details like country, region or state, city, and zip code, and other criteria such as organization, IP address, and internet service provider. Geo-targeting can also be used to increase engagement and conversion rates of new marketing campaigns. It also gives you more flexibility since it allows for measurement and personalization at a more complex level than possible with traditional media.

QR codes

QR codes or also referred to as quick response codes are another alternative for gathering contacts for traffic-driving efforts. These codes act like barcodes, but with a completely different structure. It gives smartphone or tablet users easy access to a certain web page where the user can read the message and proceed to the next step. Treat QR as an invitation to a user to start an offline to online transition.


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