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Key Benefits of Having a Solid SEO Strategy

Are you still hesitant about whether or not to invest in search engine optimization (SEO) for your Las Vegas business? This digital marketing avenue helps small Vegas-based businesses build faster, stronger, and more user-friendly websites that get higher rankings in search engines. As a result, their sites can bring in more qualified potential customers, and ultimately, boost their conversion rates. As a core online marketing strategy, there are more than enough reasons for small business owners like you to invest in SEO, be it to expand customer reach, increase brand awareness, or generate more online revenue. What follows is a list of the top benefits your business can gain from implementing a solid SEO strategy:

User-friendly websites

With SEO, you can have a smoother, faster, and much user-friendly website. While many people are still stuck in the early days where SEO was believed to be solely about optimizing for search engines, today, SEO also focuses on enhancing user experience. Uncluttered and well-structured websites attract casual visitors and convince them to say longer. Consequently, this reduces the bounce rate, all the while boosting your page views. When done properly, SEO can make both search engines and users happy with what they see and read on your website.

Higher conversion rates

Earning the highest ROI possible is one of the primary, if not the number one, goal of investing in digital marketing. With a smart and competitive SEO strategy, a great ROI is within your reach. When your website is optimized for search engines, it’ll load faster, easy to navigate, and will display properly on nearly all types of devices, including mobile phones and tablets. If your website is easy to browse through and read, it’s more likely to capture and hold the attention of your readers or visitors. As a result, there’s a huge chance that they will convert into subscribers, loyal customers, or returning visitors. On top of that, SEO can boost your lead conversion rate by nearly 13%, which is already an impressive number as compared to traditional marketing’s 2% rate.

Drive high-quality traffic

Another key benefit of SEO is it helps you drive more qualified traffic to your website. Unlike traditional marketing, online marketing has a plethora of hyper-targeted tools. Instead of spending a hefty amount for a billboard ad and hoping that your target customers see it, with SEO, you have better chances of getting them to see your site in search results. Moreover, you can reach them at an ideal time. They’re actively looking for you, instead of seeing your ads randomly while driving or watching TV, which means, you have all their attention. This also means that they’re more likely to engage with your calls-to-actions (CTAs).

Establish a stronger brand awareness

One of the top benefits of being on the top of SERPs is building brand awareness. A website that appears on the first page of major search engines is more likely to earn the trust of their potential customers, as opposed to other brands that don’t have a strong web presence. That’s why many small businesses that wish to establish better brand awareness–be it locally or nationally–should invest in SEO so they can start getting top rankings for the keywords to relate to their business.

Promote your business and website 24/7

Did you know that in just a second, Google can process more than 60,000 searchers? Through SEO, it’s like hitting not just two birds, but several birds, with one stone. If your business is an e-commerce type, then SEO can serve as your promotional tool every day without rest. This is already a tremendous help considering the huge number of searchers Google has to process every second. Additionally, this will strengthen your online marketing strategy to connect with users. Instead of reaching consumers with a billboard when they’re on the road, you’ll be reaching them right when they’re looking for you. This will then reinforce your site’s value to users since you’re providing solutions to their problems. Following that thought, the benefit of SEO is that you’re promoting your business, but in a subtle and not-at-all-blatant promotional way.

Outrank competition

Considering that 80% of users rely on the internet when researching for a product purchase, it’s highly likely that your competitors are investing in SEO. Therefore, it’s crucial to step up your game as well. Otherwise, you’ll be left so far behind by your competitors that your site might not be seen by online users anymore. You can also expect your sales and overall market share to dramatically drop. On top of that, only 25% of users look beyond the first page of search results. So, if your website won’t appear on the first page for queries related to your business, it’ll negatively affect your potential profits and leads.


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