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Why do you need a Kansas City SEO service?

In the state of Missouri, netizens love data. The state is populated with millions of middle America citizens. Over half of them are youngsters and middle-aged people. They are adults who love making shopping choices with the help of online listings and reviews. Our SEO services let them find you efficiently. The total retail sales figure in the states is in the tens of millions of dollars. Much of the revenue comes from online sales of some kind. There is a healthy amount of competition for both product and service providers. You need a Kansas City SEO pro to partner with to take your business to the next level and beyond.

Defining SEO in Kansas City

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of boosting the quantity and quality of visitors to a website by enhancing rankings in the search engine results. According to research, websites on the first Google page result garner nearly 95% of clicks. Moreover, studies reveal that the results on the top of the page also receive more click-through-rate (CTR) and traffic.

Why you need SEO for your local business

Some of the longstanding SEO myths have been busted. SEO doesn’t just die, it evolves. As long as search engines are here to stay, search engine optimization (SEO for short) is here to stay as well. You require SEO services even if you run a local business. Your small local business is competing with huge players directly or indirectly. To get a proper shoutout for you, you are in dire need of SEO in this internet era. People enjoy spotting local services on the go, thanks to smartphones and mobile internet technology. When you are selling to your tech-savvy local demographics, you need to speak their language. SEO and especially local SEO helps you do that.

Hiring a Kansas City SEO expert can effectively improve your offline conversion

One of the most overlooked benefits of a Kansas City SEO expert for local businesses is it improves offline conversion rates. A lot of times, people recall listings from local ads. Except for the brand name, nothing is stuck in their minds. If you are visible online, they can find you on Google. SEO helps avoid other Kansas City, Missouri businesses from showing up when people search your name online. They get your address and mobile number in an instant.
SEO Kansas City helps you stand out from the competition

SERPs (search engine results pages) for local businesses is getting competitive. The larger the city, the more competition there will be. There are now 6 paid (pay per click) listings, 3 map listings, and 10 organic results. If your SEO effort lands you in any of the 16 results, you greatly increase the likelihood of making sales every time people search for your services. By doing that, you are also denting the chances of a sale for your competitor.

Kansas City SEO connects your company with Google My Business

Did you know that only 44% of companies have claimed their profiles on Google My Business (GMB)? By working with your Kansas City SEO company you can ensure your GMB profile is built with the goal of driving qualified buyers to your store. As a result, you will have the local standing in your local marketplace, which in turn, helps position your company on the front line for high-value searchers.

Local SEO brings a targeted audience

One of the major benefits of local SEO services is that it allows businesses like yours to position your brand more effectively because local traffic is highly targeted. SEO for local “brick and mortar” business gives you relevant, “neighborhood” residents which are, potentially serious searchers who may turn into customers. A professional SEO company in Kansas City will make the needed tweaks to your campaign. Oftentimes, you will get searchers who are ready to take action right away. For example; when people search ‘garage door repair’ on Google, they aren’t just searching for fun. SEO benefits local businesses much more than other establishments. Local SEO connects you with searchers who search for something specific and are ready to buy.

Organic SEO increases connections and lessens competition

Organic SEO boosts your presence online. You get more connections with regard to suppliers and distributors. The more visible you are, the more connections you tend to build. The people who find you online, are likely to belong in your neighborhood. Since local SEO optimizes your visibility to a targeted demographic, you enjoy a less competitive environment. Local SEO is more economical and it tends to deliver results (return on investment ROI) faster.

Your ROI is guaranteed with SEO

Perhaps one of the greatest things about local SEO service is that its value is clear. Unlike common traditional marketing methods such as newspaper ads and local radio marketing, local digital methods are based on tangible and actionable data, which will ensure that your business receives a return over time. Your Kansas City SEO experts can provide you with a tailored strategy based on your clients’ actions by using proven data to obtain effective results.

Search engine optimization reaches every customer

Most people, if not all, agree that the new modern version of yellow pages is Local SEO. With today’s fast-paced world, people have grown accustomed to always be on the go and as such, they use their mobile phones and tablets more often than before to locate the best local businesses they want to try and visit. By leveraging on local SEO through a Kansas City SEO company like ours, you can reach every possible customer within your community, thus, ultimately increasing your chances of earning more profits.

Kansas City, Missouri

The Kansas City of Missouri was named after the Kansa Indians who settled along the Missouri River. It is the largest city in the state of Missouri with an estimated population of 488,493. The residents and tourists of Kansas City are offered with the best of both worlds: the old and new and the city and prairie. It is second to Rome in being the city with the most outdoor water features, hence, its nickname the ‘City of Fountains.’ Apart from its free-flowing water scenery, the city is also overflowing with music, specifically in the form of jazz.

Fun fact: It is in Kansas City where Walt Disney established his first film studio and gave life to Mickey Mouse.

Internet Marketing in Kansas City

Did you know that Kansas City is technically two cities in one? The main one is Kansas City in
Missouri that lies on the east part of the Missouri River and the second portion is Kansas City in
Kansas which is found on the west side, across the State Line Road. A prominent difference
between the two is that Missouri has many of the ‘downtown’ attractions while Kansas is more
on the suburban kind of things.

Fun Fact: Kansas City has over 200 working fountains with designs ranging from traditional
French to modern, thus, it is nicknamed as the ‘City of Fountains.’
Internet marketing defined

Internet marketing is also known as digital marketing and online marketing. It refers to the
process of marketing products and services online. The main purpose of using internet marketing
is to sell items, services, or advertising over the web but it does not just stop there. Internet
marketing is also commonly used by companies that want to relay a message to their audience on
the internet about its brand or products/services.

With internet marketing, you can define your target market and determine the needs and wants of
a marketing segment. The digital marketing channels normally used by any internet marketing
agency include the following;

Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads

For quick results on visitor acquisition and audience expansion, PPC can the marketing channel
you’re looking for. With PPC, you can have a higher ROI by managing and optimizing your

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

No matter how great your website is, but if no one can find it online, then you’ll be setting up
yourself to failure. Odds are, you won’t even make a dollar. A good Kansas City SEO strategy is something
that ensures your website is the number one to answer your customer’s question. SEO is like a
low burn romance—the progress is gradual but you know that you’ll eventually get to the happy

Social Media

Social media marketing is more than just using social media channels to maintain your brand
presence. It’s more on the practice of using social media to improve your brand, increase your
credibility, and to strengthen your overall content strategy.

Local Directories

There are tons of objectives to being discovered in Google maps and localized searches, but that
is only the tip of the iceberg. Accurate information paired with a good strategy is imperative in
order to build customer engagement and manage reviews in relation to local business directories,
listings, and map sites.

Content Writing

Fancy web design and development won’t be enough if your content is poorly written and
structured. An internet marketing agency should be able to make a plan for your site’s content to
make your content organized, professionally written, and clean-cut in order to effectively reach
your target audience.

Email Marketing

If your business has an existing newsletter but is not making any positive impacts, then it’s time
to employ an internet marketing agency that can take care of your email marketing. They will
help you design your email, create your message and schedule emails to be sent to your target

Kansas City SEO Services


We speed up your website and clean up your code. This shortens the page load time and increases user experience.


We optimize your internal linking structure and make it easy for Google to crawl and index your website.


We find the best search terms and phrases with the highest buyer intent and chance of conversion.


We give recommendations to you that will increase conversions and dwell time on your site.


We build links, citations, social shares and brand mentions that Google rewards in the SERPs.


We optimize your page titles, descriptions and headings. Content relevance and length.
Bob ranked my website after two other Las Vegas companies could not. My search traffic has increased but more importantly, sales have doubled since working with Bobs SEO. If you get the chance to work with him I highly recommend it.



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