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Is Artificial Intelligence The New Era’s Small Business Partner?

Is Artificial Intelligence The New Era’s Small Business Partner?

The world is rapidly shifting right before our very eyes, and there’s nothing we can do about it
but adapt to the changes. Artificial intelligence is quickly dominating the business world and has
redefined some of the jobs we have today.

A prime example of this stellar effect is the emergence of self-driving cars.

AI clearly will create even greater uproar in the corporate world.

But what’s even more exhilarating is learning how small businesses can take advantage of this
new innovative technology. Small businesses are faced with more challenges as they try to
compete with large corporations.

As a small business owner yourself, you will have to change redirect your focus to something you can win, and that is to have the proper tools and strategies that will help your small business reach out to customers in new and unique ways.

This is where AI will become your star player.

Here are some of the ways AI has been making positive impacts on small business and how you
can integrate them into your small business.

Getting sales data

Who thinks that Alexa only answers to mundane and simple questions? Well, if you believed that then you’re in for a surprise today. In all, Alexa is one of the most significant
technologies for small businesses today.

It is packed with thousands of skills that are very helpful in running your business. Some of the things it can help you with includes calendar, conferencing, scheduling, data and news, logistics, management, finance, sales and marketing, and communication and collaboration.

Particularly in the marketing department, Alexa utilizes Skillsai’s Sales Talk that allows users to ask sales-related questions like “What
were my sales yesterday?” or “How many pieces of Afghans were sold last week?”

Apart from giving you more free time for other things, you can also now go to meetings and
conferences with Alexa’s power at the tip of your fingers. Alexa is expected to even grow
skillfully and competitively in the future so you’ll soon be having an exceptional assistant at
your disposal.

Creating logos

Logos are one of the significant factors that help you raise brand recognition. Clean logos and simple
designs are what customers prefer. Fortunately, AI’s capabilities go as far as creating logos and
help improve our brand image. Although this is the job of graphic designers, some small
businesses don’t have the budget to outsource new talent.

Thanks to Designhill, you can now rely on its AI-powered logo generator to help you in creating your business logo. More
importantly, logo starter packs by new AI-powered technology typically start at 20 dollars so that
makes it within the usual budget of small businesses.

Advanced marketing automation

AI has already been making quite a noise in the sales world. However, AI-powered data analysis
is only a small part of where the technology will take us. With that in mind, small businesses that
need all the help should not put all their trust in AI for their marketing automation needs.

Marketing automation is worth all your efforts when appropriately done but demands a lot of time.
And a lot of small businesses don’t have the workforce to manage, test and retest AI-
Powered technologies.

They have to be all in only when all things are already in the right places.

You may have wait for a marketing automation AI that is simpler to administer
into your small business, but this growth is something to watch for over the carefully
next couple of years.