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Industrial SEO

The industrial sector is responsible for making finished products. Otherwise known as the secondary sector, it is one top 3 sectors that make up a country’s economy. The remaining sectors are the primary sector, which includes mining, agriculture, and fishing, and the service sector such as nursing, hospitality, and consultancy industries. The industrial sector is the one that creates a complete product for further utilization. Examples of the industrial sector are the construction and manufacturing industries. Construction is developing a building of the fabrication of infrastructure while manufacturing industries transform raw materials into finished goods.

Under many circumstances, the industrial sector accepts the finished products of the primary sector and applies them to create end products that are either bought by the end-user or sent for further fabrication and processing. The industrial sector can be categorized into two parts: light industry and heavy industry. Some of the common industrial sector divisions are the textile industry, chemical industry, automobile industry, telecommunications, brewing industry, consumer electronics, and many more.

SEO for industrial companies

If you’re an industrial company wanting to boost your online presence, one of the essential questions you should be asking yourself is, “how are people going to discover my business?”. Today, most business owners conduct their own research before working with a company for their services or partnering with a new manufacturer. And during those times, the first place they usually look is the internet, specifically with the use of search engines like Google.

92% of online experiences kick off with a search engine. SEO, or search engine optimization, uses several strategies to increase your website’s ranking in search engines for keywords and phrases that are relevant and advantageous to your industrial company.

What’s the use of SEO to industrial businesses?

SEO has numerous advantages for industrial companies and virtually any business types, including:

  • Increasing your website traffic
  • Boosting brand awareness
  • Driving more qualified leads
  • Generating more online sales

SEO is also known for yielding a much higher ROI as opposed to traditional forms of advertising and marketing. That said, SEO isn’t as simple as you’d like it to be. That’s why you need SEO experts and companies like us. By hiring Bob’s SEO for your industrial company, you can then sit back and enjoy while your website climbs on top of Google and generates tons of qualified leads every day. Other benefits you can get from our SEO services are:

Ensure that your site responsive

Having a responsive web design allows visitors to easily navigate through your site, whatever platforms they’re using, be it a mobile device, tablet, or desktop. As for you, it also allows you to seamlessly manage your website. With over 50% of all online activity that’s performed through mobile devices, it just proves how crucial it is for your site to be mobile-friendly. Google has already noticed the skyrocketing trend of mobile users, thus, responsive web design has been considered as one of its top ranking factors for websites.

Optimize your metadata

Metadata are snippets of code that are found within the header of your web page. They play an important role in helping search engines understand your page. Google is perpetually leading its users to the most relevant page possible, and with optimized metadata, search engines will be able to recognize your website or web page as something that the users are looking for. Bob’s SEO will ensure that your metadata is optimized as it is one of the basic yet essential steps in fully optimizing your website.

Get rid of 404 pages

404 errors are common among many websites today. They occur when a user attempts to go to a certain page on your site that no longer exists. If you have removed any web page or products from your website, odds are, your visitors are seeing 404 errors on their screens. These error pages don’t just adversely affect for website’s user experience, they can also be a strong indicator to Google that your site isn’t doing well, which in turn, can mar your search engine rankings. A good SEO company should be able to take care of the 404 pages for you.

Build a great user experience

UX, or user experience, is an important part of SEO. How old is your e-commerce platform? Just because it doesn’t seem broke means you won’t bother fixing it. You should know that interfaces go through several cycles and people navigate differently. As such, your website has to be in tune with the way people navigate so when they click anything on it, what they get is the response they’re expecting. Your SEO team should be able to understand statistics so they can see where potential customers drop off in the funnel and fix whatever needs fixing.


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