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Inbound, One Way Backlinks – Are You Ethical?

Backlinks are the backbone of every SEO strategy. Search engines demand them, and your site’s popularity is based on the number of backlinks, also known as one-way links or inbound links, your site can accumulate. Because of their importance, some businesses will attempt to gain them by any means possible. There are ethical and unethical means of achieving almost anything in life. You decide what your goals are and whether you want to make them in a reputable fashion or not. For businesses, primarily online, this choice can mean the difference between success and failure.

Where do ethics come into play with link building?

Quite merely, if leaving your link exploits another website’s terms of use or gives little value in return, you are using unethical means of getting inbound links. There has been the practice among many marketers in the past of registering at forums for the sole purpose of setting up profiles to place their links in them. These marketers never intend to revisit the site; they never plan to participate or become a real member of the community or user-group. The only purpose is to drop their anchor text link within that site because the site has an excellent reputation. That is an unethical practice. You are exploiting the site for your gain. If, however, the marketer chose to participate and add value to the place it would then become an ethical use of the site and have much more value both to the site owner and to the marketer. Another unethical practice is blog commenting en mass. Using software to blast a generic blog comment out to any and every site with a High PR is not only immoral but also a waste of time. Very few bloggers these days do not monitor their comments, just for this reason alone. If you are going to include blog commenting as part of your SEO link-building strategy, then have the decency to do it correctly. Be respectful of the blog owner. After all, they have something you want. Add value to their site, and they will give it to you.

Good SEO does not happen overnight.

Although we live in an instant society, you must come to terms with the fact that not everything can be instantly obtained. Not everything is push-button simple. If it were, we would all have instant success. Like any other SEO strategy, link building takes time and effort, and consistency. Natural and ethical link building is the best way to stay in business for the long haul. Yes, you can work to improve it, and yes, you can actively seek out means of getting more backlinks, but you must also be prepared to follow the rules and be patient. There are natural and ethical ways to gain quality backlinks. You want your business to be known as a reputable business. If so, do not stoop to disreputable means to achieve your success.


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