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Improve Your Marketing Using Email Signature

Improve Your Marketing Using Email Signature

Being a small business owner means you have to be in the know on all types of marketing tools and tricks, and you have the means to implement several of them. Probably one of the smallest marketing tools that you can have in your marketing strategy is your email signature.

Admittedly, many entrepreneurs and marketers have failed to recognize the benefits of email signature since it’s one of those things that can be easily overlooked. However, the moment you realize your mistake and notice the subtle but gradual upsides of email signatures, then good for you.

With that being said, here are four ways to help you open your mind on using email signature to market better.

Link to your website and social media profiles

Having a website is a given. However, you’d be surprised how some businesses are yet to use social media as one of their marketing techniques. But if you have both website and at least one social media account—the more, the better, of course—then it goes without saying that you naturally want to link to your website and social media profiles in the signature of your email.

You are doing this an easy way to lead the people to know more about your business and what you are offering to them. Also, you can link to a directory page on your website that will direct searchers to the content that they want to see.

Link to your blog

Apart from the basics—i.e., website and social media accounts—one way to speed up your marketing success are through a personal or business blog. If you have this, then it’s best to include it in your email signature. What better way to let people know about it, right? The thing about blogs is that they have to be regularly updated for it to serve its purpose. Your blog has to contain fresh contents that deliver high value to your audience, something that will keep their attention for a long time. Placing not just a clear call to action in your email signature, but also one that will surely pull people in to check out your recent blog post could help you obtain partnerships or even some dedicated subscribers.

Share some of the latest samples of your work

Whether you’re a writer who has completed a great book or just someone who invented an excellent product, either way, you have to share at least a snippet, or some sneak peek of your recent work samples in your email signature. If you have recently made some media appearances like interviews or conferences, perhaps, then you can include them in your email’s signature.

It is an excellent way to display your work and credibility without using a sales pitch.

Direct offers

One of the must-do when it comes to marketing is to run a proposal that will convert your site traffic into leads. No matter how much traffic you have, it won’t matter if none of them convert at all. Running offers to market your products and services should always be one of your primary tasks.

To do this, you can invite people to browse through or better yet, shop in your online store or check out your services. For a service-based business, you can also link to your calendar so potential clients can schedule a consultation with you.