How To Create A Winning Blog For Your Small Business

Based on the research on WordPress, there are over 400 million blog readers every month.
Taking that into account, having a small business without a blog means you are throwing away
the huge opportunity to reach a large base of customers and the chance to turn those viewers into
actual customers. Needless to say, to be able to publish successful blog posts you have to start
writing. Aside from this, you must also learn and understand the optimization process of your
blog because this is essential in ensuring that people will read what you have written. This article
will discuss some of the blogging tips that you should try incorporating.
If you have made up your mind on starting a blog, or if your current blog needs some damage
restoration, read the following tips.

Consistent publishing of blog posts

To ace your blog, you don’t really need all things to be perfect, what you must do is be
consistent. Consistent in the sense that it is no good to post five articles for this week and then
publish nothing for the next month or so. If you do that, it won’t come off as a surprise if your
blog gets shoved into the dusty corners because of your inconsistency. In fact, the more you blog,
the earlier you can get the hang of things, thus making blogging easier and a regular thing for
you. You can also develop a schedule for your blog posts so that you won’t miss out on a day while
maintaining a stable flow. Having said that, you shouldn’t focus all your time on blogging to the
point of neglecting your full-time job as a business owner. Just set some doable time to write and
improve your blog.

Perform keyword research

Once you have established the topics to write on your blog, you need to target the keywords and
phrases that most people are searching for. There’s no use of your blog when nobody reads it, is
there? Keyword research involves determining the most used keywords that people type in
search engines. Based on the results of your keyword research, you can now incorporate the
keywords in the article title and fit them into the text of your blog posts. By doing that, your
articles will have a chance of having better rankings on search engines now that users can easily
find them.

Go for optimized blog lengths

Your blog posts must be long enough to fit all the necessary information that you want users to
know about your brand or business. Additionally, you must also ensure that you include most if
not all of those keywords in your articles without compromising the quality and meaning. In
normal cases, longer blog posts occupy high rankings in search engines. As for your blog titles,
pay extra attention to them as they are essential in attracting users to read your articles, and more
importantly, catching the eyes of search engines. It has been reported that articles with 6-13
words get the most traffic.

Make it visually pleasing

One great way to hold the attention of the viewers and lengthen their stay on your page is by
adding images or videos. Based on studies, the retention rate of information by people is
significantly higher when written content is incorporated with visuals compared to content
without a visual.

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