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How Significant is the Impact of Web Design on SEO

Considering how competitive the online market is today, companies must establish an online presence. Modern-day consumers now turn to the internet when searching for practically anything. As research shows, users perform at least one online search before finalizing their purchase decisions. As such, your company must have a website that will effectively represent your brand in search results.

The importance of having a website

A website’s primary role is to become the face of your business and to influence the buying decisions of your targeted audiences. That said, having a website won’t suffice. Rather, it’s also essential that your site is displayed in the search results so people can see it when they’re searching for relevant keywords. You have to remember that many consumers don’t search for the website name. In most cases, people search based on their needs or wants.

Usually, these refer to certain products or services they need or the subject of information they’re looking for. So if your site isn’t visible in the search results when people conduct these searches, your website is considered nonexistent to these people.

Now, the question is how can you ensure that your site is ranking on search results for these keywords? Why should Google or other search engines pick your site to be on page 1 lineup of websites when users search for relevant keywords of your business? This is where SEO, or search engine optimization, comes into play. Typically, SEO talks about things like content, backlinks, site architecture, internal links, and so on. But for this article, we discuss how web design affects your SEO.

How web design impacts SEO

Web design and SEO have to work together for optimum results, which is why many SEO companies today also offer web design as part of their SEO services while many web designers also ensure to incorporate SEO in their web design process. Nonetheless, many companies still haven’t grasped the huge role SEO plays in their website design. As a result, they ignore the potential value that SEO brings to their website during web designing phrases.

Driving traffic to your site becomes remarkably easier if it uses an SEO-friendly web design. Many technologies today are so great at making websites look cooler and visually pleasant but are not exactly search engine friendly. Don’t be fooled by those designs. If your site uses these technologies, then your site is likely preventing or slowing down search engines when they tried to access the content of your website. And if search engines cannot easily access your website content due to web design difficulties, then it’s unlikely to get high rankings in search results.

Implementing SEO best techniques goes beyond just linking and content. Rather, it has to be done with the right technologies, navigation, site structure amongst all things. And this is where SEO is a vital player in your website design.

Another important aspect of SEO that has to be considered when designing your site is the content. Before anything else, your web design should be able to have a complete grasp of what your website is all about. Once this has been established, they can then create a keyword list that your potential customers might use when searching for information on your website. Having the right number of keywords on each web page will also significantly help in ranking your pages better in search results.

Organized and well-structured navigation is also incredibly important. Otherwise, visitors might end up frustrated trying to get around your ineffective navigation or inconsistent design, or worse, they might abandon their shopping carts. Proper SEO web design provides a seamless experience for your potential customers. Every nook and cranny of your site on any device should be user-friendly and consistent. Don’t settle with a good enough website design. Instead, you should only accept the best because that’s what optimization is.

One indicator of a good web design that’s built with SEO in mind is when it’s optimized for conversions. Driving people to your site, specifically potential customers is integral. But what’s even more important is your site’s ability to close the sale with them. SEO web design is also optimized for conversions, helping you effectively convert all the high-quality traffic your site is getting. Micro-conversions, albeit little things, can help attract people to your site. These small CTAs may include watching a video, taking a quiz, clicking a link, or signing up for a newsletter.


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