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Home Builder SEO

To put it simply, home builders construct or build new homes. At times, they also offer services like roofing, carpentry, and masonry. From identifying appropriate spaces to develop, to building houses, to marketing them, home builders work on several facets of home construction. Their duties may including constructing home frames and walls and installing windows, electrical wiring, and insulation. Homebuilders should possess the technical skills to calculate dimensions, read blueprints, estimate materials, and troubleshoot building issues. They also have to achieve the physical demands of home construction, including operating heavy machinery, lifting heavy materials, and being on their feet most of the time.

The home building industry in the United States is composed of the country’s several largest publicly traded residential construction companies. Strategically speaking, all home builders, in general, follow one operating model that centers mainly on construction activity and land purchases. One major advantage that big home building companies have over their smaller counterparts is the ability to easily acquire debt and equity financing for huge construction projects and land purchases. They usually are the first ones to get access to the country’s most desirable living places.

Why should home builders use SEO?

For home builders, your topmost priority is to build homes that will make your clients happy. But if you can’t reach new customers, then naturally, your business won’t grow. Odds are, during all those times you’ve spent researching digital marketing methods for home builders, you have stumbled across SEO, and are wondering if it’s a doable, not to mention worthwhile, method for you.

If you’re searching for new leads and customers by boosting your website’s visibility, then SEO or search engine optimization is a great tool for your home building company. Not only it is more cost-effective than old-school marketing methods, but it also drives a higher ROI.

Ultimate, your SEO goal is to increase your online presence and visibility so your site is ranked on top for the phrases potential customers are using to find you. Without SEO, it would be incredibly hard to be displayed as a result in these searches, even more so in the very top ranking. For instance, if you want to be on the no. 1 spot for a phrase like “customer home builder in Las Vegas,” SEO would come in handy in optimizing your website for that specific long-tail keyword. If there’s less competition with this phrase-meaning only a few other companies are also targeting this phrase–there is a greater chance for you to be in the top 1 position by incorporating this keyword on key places like home page and page titles.

SEO strategies for home building contractors

Bobs SEO is a leading Las Vegas SEO company that has previously and successfully worked with home building companies like yours. Hiring the right SEO firm to work on optimizing your website is one of the keys to online success. Let’s take a closer look at two of the primary SEO strategies that you may want to leverage to promote your home building website and rank higher in organic searches.

Keyword research and optimization

One of the benefits you get from working with Bobs SEO is ensuring that an important aspect of SEO is taken care of, and that is your keywords. Keywords are one of the most crucial elements of SEO. They come in various forms like words, phrases, and occasionally, full sentences and questions, which are typed into search engines when customers are trying to find something specific.

Although search engines have become highly advanced with their optimization methods, they still can’t read content in a similar fashion as humans. Therefore, the next best way for them to determine relevancy is to look for keywords on websites. So if you wish to rank higher for a specific term, your SEO team make sure that the term appears on your title tags, site copy, and headers

Landing a #1 search position on search engines doesn’t start and end with keywords alone. Google and other search engines also consider the authority of your home building website. Your site authority is determined based on some factors such as the way visitors respond to it, its age, and the number of people linking to it. Through Bobs SEO link-building strategy, you can boost your ranking and bring in more traffic to your site.

For home builders, link building often entails reaching out to suppliers, businesses, and clients you may have partnered, and sponsors to ask for a link from their website. You may also want to have a reciprocal link. The main point here is that the more links from authority and reputable sites you have, the higher your site authority will be, and the better you will rank.


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