Guide To Improving Your Las Vegas SEO Rankings

Is your ranking not going up despite following various beginner tips? If that’s the case, then today may be the time for you to gather your courage and move things up to the next level. Do not waste your time and effort if things are not going the way you want it to be. Let’s get moving and try out these ways to boost your Bobs SEO Las Vegas rankings.

Make sure that you use HTTPS to secure your site

In order for your site to have a secure connection and information, you must use HTTPS because Google or any search engines can tell if your site is unguarded or not. It is only justifiable that search engines give more importance to those secured websites than those that are not, so make sure to do this.

Your site should be compatible with mobile phones

It is one thing for your site to be desktop friendly, but it is another thing for it to be mobile-friendly. By this time and year, your website must already be built for the mobile phone version and should deliver the same user experience as that of the desktop, if not better. One way of making it mobile-friendly is to increase the content’s font size, do some image compressing, or maybe install an AMP plugin for open-source platform websites. More than half of the overall users are using mobile devices and this will only increase in years to come.

Replace the broken links with valid ones

Do you have any broken links on your website? You can use Google Analytics to identify these broken links. If you don’t use it or you simply don’t want to bother yourself with it, then you can do it manually. You simply have to log in to the search console and using the Intelligence search tool, you can now display crawl errors. From there, a list of broken or dead links will be given presented to you.

Your website must load quickly

Perhaps one of the top dislikes of internet users when it comes to websites is that some take too long to load before you could fully access the page. Refrain from using unnecessary clutters, plugins, or anything that could slow down your site.

Update your content

Leaving your site to be with old posts will not help you at all. One of the easiest ways to move up your ranking is to simply update your site with newer posts and interesting information. Keep it up-to-date on a regular basis because the most recent posts are more likely to be shown first.

Expand your social and digital marketing channels

Aside from your usual social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, you can also add to your list Instagram, Linked In, Crunchbase, and many more. If you can share your content through several social channels, then your site could gain more attention and in turn, increase the possibility of garnering backlinks. On top of that, if your backlinks come from verifiable and reputable sources like those mentioned above, then your ranking is more likely to move up among others.


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