Fremont Street Experience

The Fremont Street Experience is a five-block, open-air, landscaped strip of street vendors, carts, and vibrant kiosks selling food and goods. A 90-foot-high steel-mesh “celestial vault” that lies overhead transforms into the high-tech video and sound display Viva Vision at night (the canopy has more than 12.5 million lights), which is complemented by a concert hall-quality sound system. Between the light performances, there is music as well as a variety of shows. It’s incredibly cool in that extravagant Vegas sense that we all adore. The number of hotel bars that are accessible from the pedestrian street has increased the “party” factor, and frequent events like concerts have made it more well-liked than ever. Oh, and if you glance up, you’ll see zip line riders flying by! You can stroll, eat, or even dance to the music there while the lights are on.

Wonderful outdoor location, all under one roof. taverns on the street, a zip line above, and numerous bandstands with live music. Was honestly the highlight of my trip to Vegas. Young children might not find it appropriate, but everyone else should go at least once.