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Five Tips On How To Promote Your Marketing Content

Five Tips On How To Promote Your Marketing Content

A content piece, regardless of how well it was written, structured, and optimized, is no use influencing potential customers when those people could not even find it in the first place. This is when promotion becomes a tremendously important player in this scenario. Content marketing is composed of three parts: creation, publication, and distribution.

For the first part, content creation or generation entails researching relevant topics to your brand, writing articles about these topics, creating a video about what your brand is offering and making informative, attractive, and useful content that audience will love. Then there’s a publication which is the act of making the content available for people to see. This could be as simple as posting an article on your website, blog, or social media pages. As for the content distribution, this is when you share or promote your content with the primary objective of attracting, engaging, and retaining your current and potential customers. With that in mind, below are some great tips that will get your content discovered.

1. Replace broken links

In the SEO space, the broken-link building is a method that intends to help publishers boost user experience all the while earning backlinks for your brand’s content. To replace broken links, you have first to identify them. These are HTML anchor tags that lead to pages that are no longer available, meaning the then URL is now broken. Hence, the name broke the link. Let the site owner know about the broken link on the page and that your business has published content on a similar topic as the original linked page.

2. Create video roundabouts

Say, for instance, you have written a comprehensive article stating all the top 20 benefits of going digital in this era. How do you get drive readers to your item considering that it is a lengthy content that most people tend to shy away from? You can consider making a short video roundabout that summarizes the overall or most common benefits. This technique allows you to incorporate video contents on your website, something that many people prefer over text-based content.

3. Make image roundabouts

Following the same idea on creating video roundabouts, you can also make graphic or images that describes and illustrates your article. Also known as infographics, this type of content has exceptionally high potential in luring customers and readers to be immersed with your content and ultimately, your brand as a whole. Each time you publish an image summary, be sure to link back to the original content that you are trying to advertise. The more your friends and social media fans share this, the higher the traffic they will be driving to your content.

4. Convert into a slideshow

5. Share on social media

Most probably, you are already doing this. While this tip is indeed apparent, it is still worth including and stressing out. Consequently, you should always make it a habit also to publish your content on your social media pages.