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Firearms SEO

2017 and the years before it wasn’t easy times for the firearms industry. However, after years of somewhat rocky paths, the industry has significantly improved and is entirely attracting new customer segments today. In fact, there are certain hot areas in niche categories of the firearms sector that are thriving these days. With the rising number of Americans strongly exercising their fundamental right to keep and bear arms and buy a firearm and ammunition, the industry’s growth is showing real and remarkable progress.

American companies that develop, distribute, and sell sporting firearms, supplies, and ammunition are important aspects of the country’s economy. These companies open up well-paying jobs in the country and contribute a significant amount of taxes to the state and Federal governments. Furthermore, the firearms industry is responsible for over $50 billion in total economic activity in the United States. Currently, the NSSF, which represents all country’s legal firearms and ammunition manufacturers, is focusing a great number of efforts and attention on supporting wildlife conservation.

Bobs SEO for firearms and gun shops

When consumers are interested in buying a certain product, they usually go to the internet to find it. Considering the vast options and prices listed, it’s a breeze to find the least pricey yet high-quality item among the many competing brands in the market. As a firearm business, you probably know by now that properly marketing your products is the key to a lucrative business. Today, it’s fairly easy to be overlooked by prospective buyers, especially if the competing e-commerce store has outranked yours and is more efficient in attracting customers. This is where SEO or search engine optimization comes into play. With SEO, you can use it to market your firearms, boost your site’s traffic, capture new customers, and promote your brand. And all it takes is understanding SEO, executing the right strategies and place, and better yet, hire the right SEO firm to work with you.

What is SEO?

SEO is the practice of using digital marketing methods to boost your business’s exposure. In essence, this is achieved by using search engine ranking factors to drive a website’s success, which further leads to company growth. By considering the ranking factors (e.g., meta description, keyword content, and title tag optimization) in optimizing your website, you can truly maximize your site’s full potential and effectiveness. SEO is one of the widely used marketing strategies for promoting websites and companies. It’s also one of the top industries with high ROI. Not only it is inexpensive, but SEO also provides tangible and long-term results that you can easily monitor over time.

Why firearms businesses should optimize their websites

Due to the ban of firearm ads on sites like Google, Facebook, and more, firearm stores like yours have lesser means of broadcasting and showcasing your shop on a large online scale, especially with the need for ideal niche keywords. As such, along with the cutthroat competition between online firearms shops, it’s even more difficult to market your business to prospective buyers online. On the bright side, SEO can still help your company stand out among your competitors so you can drive more customers to your site. Given the proper usage and implementation of SEO strategies, you can bring more business to your website and boost your gun store’s sales. While there are hundreds of ways you can optimize your website, the key here is to use and most efficient ones to properly optimize your site. This way, you can enjoy a boost in your site traffic, earn more leads, and expand your customer base. Ultimately, all of those will result in profits for your firearm company.

How firearms shops can benefit from SEO

Below are two main things Bob’s SEO can do for the growth of your firearms business:

Website design

SEO is an online marketing tool, thus, you need to have a website so you can use some of the SEO practices that will work best for your business. Apart from your website, the design is also important. Ideally, it can earn the trust of your website visitors and allow them to easily navigate through your site, which is another integral SEO factor to keep in mind when designing your site. Think from the standpoint of a firearm customer. What do you want to see on an e-commerce firearm website?

Keyword research

A major part of any SEO campaign is researching the right industry keywords that your potential customers would search for. Keywords like “firearm shop in Las Vegas” or a specific gun brand that people would purchase in your area. These keywords are long-tail keywords, which are essential in optimizing your website’s content for them to be found easily online using search engines.


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